Intelligence chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him EDIT: Buzzfeed has leaked a document of allegations against Trump, if true, it's damning


Which won’t happen.

Because, presumably, they have an IQ above 60, unless they are super super principled.


If 2016 told us anything it was “never say never”.

So they’d allow an overtly pro-Russian (and covertly blackmailed) leader who’d been elected through a foreign power intervening illegally in the ‘democratic’ process to carry on ruling simply in order to avoid taking a political hit in the short term?

Many Republican representatives hate Trump as it is, and this report being true would drive even more away from him. Additionally, if there’s one thing which conservatives care about it’s the constitution.


What? Yes, having a president be attacked as being a Russian puppet is entirely different from having the president impeached for being a Russian puppet. One is partisanship, the other a judgement.


Lol yeah sure

Yes, he was elected on that platform.

Proven untrue, do you bother to read the news?

How have they ‘intervened’? By revealing Democratic corruption?

This according to whom?

Uh? This is a permanent hit.

Yeah but it isn’t.

The famous 28th Amendment: Hate Russia, and allow corruption to be private unless revealed by American citizens! (*unless the whistleblowers fled, then thats illegal too.)


The consensus surrounding his pro-Russian views would change if the scale of influence that Russia had becomes significant.


We don’t know to what extent they have yet, that’s the point of this thread.

Since when was corrupting the result of another country’s elections permitted under international law?

Not necessarily. Politics has always been unpredictable.

How do you know that? What information do you have which no one else does?

I was referring to Article II Section IV, but there ya go…


By hacking Democratic servers. That’s the one and only allegation.

Have the fixed the result? Put guns against peoples heads?

Besides, since when is it not?

You live in a unicorn world.

dude what? nothing there says anything pro-impeachment for any allegation raised at the moment


Neither of those are ‘proof’ for what you claimed.

Did you read the BuzzFeed dossier?

Who knows, probably not but it’s certainly not impossible.

This is Putin we’re talking about.

UN Charter pretty sure does, and that’s just one example

You have no evidence to back up this claim.

“Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” is pretty broad. If Bill Clinton can get close to impeachment for allegedly lying about adultery and a claim of sexual assault, some of the allegations against Trump could, if true, lead to impeachment.


tfw the man who produced these allegations is a local, and owns a company 4 miles away with 200k profit, just one employee, 320k debtors-falling-within-a-year and 155k cash lying in the bank but an empty office

shady shit

this man’s fixed assets are so low it’s basically a used ford fiesta


“Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. was founded in 2009 by former British intelligence professionals”

Nope just one of them, and revealing it is illegal anyway.


Not only is this address not listed on his accounts, but is on his website, it’s also merely a house. He’s not a sole trader.

Real–time source reporting on business and politics at all levels.

Very weird thing for a business cybersecurity company to be involved in?

there is just a permanent answer machine


Ah his partner has another company under almost the same name “Orbis International” … which in 2016 made 98 pounds of investments (aaaand also the exact same number, 98 pounds, in 2015) with 99k net profit.

What exactly are they trading?

Christopher Steele’s role in the company is “Political Consultant”

in case anyone cares on the broader stuff anyway

the office that I talked about earlier is literally empty and always has its doors open. I live fairly close to one of the partners in the company so I might want to cycle there tomorrow to see how many reporters are there for the lulz, at least if the correspondence address isn’t a total sham either


Here’s an overview of a former CIA officer reading and giving his feedback on the leaked dosier. Basically it all looks correct and is probably real, but relies mainly on a single source (called ‘Source E’) and the investigation was probably commissioned with the purpose of finding negatives on Trump. So with that in mind, it’s fairly easy to come to the conclusion that about half of the claims are speculation and/or complete fiction resting on the truth of the other half.

As with the e-mail leaks, it’s not a good idea to just look at one sides “truth” and make conclusions based off of it.



This is the guy who put it together, Chris Burrows is the co-founder.




Fuck off

Look at the dates


whats wrong with them


"My suspicion would be that the report is a composite of some fact, a lot of speculation, and even some fiction. It is very similar to the types of media-focused disinformation produced by both CIA and KGB in Europe in the 1970s and 1980s, where a little bit of factual information would be used to provide credibility for a lot of speculation and false stories that were intended to sow doubt and confusion. In this case, the original intent might well have been to discredit Trump personally; its release at this time is likely intended to delegitimize his presidency, or to narrow his options on recalibrating with Russia.

I expect, however, that much of the possibly tall tale being told will unravel as the FBI continues and expands its investigation. Trump has predictably denounced the entire matter as “fake news.” He may be right."


Was this supposed to refute what I said?

The report being a real report =/= the accusations being true


I suspected you meant this, but you should have made that more clear.
The report being a real report compiled by a private intelligence company is different from the information in the report being real


It’s from the beginning of November.

I know this report was circling around Washington for a couple months, but it wasn’t really in the public sphere at that point, so either someone has trolled the US intelligence services (which would be hilarious), or someone in the Washington circle saw it and decided to pretend that they’d planted it.