Intelligence chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him EDIT: Buzzfeed has leaked a document of allegations against Trump, if true, it's damning


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Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump,

That could be a big issue and is probably the reason Russians would have interfered with the election. This, along with Rex Tillerson probably means that Russia is going to fuck America in the ass.

Buzzfeed with a damning report on Trump… who woulda guessed??? Not saying there’s no chance it’s true, but I’m extra-doubtful about this source



From the leaked allegations:

  • Russians have been “cultivating, supporting and assisting Trump for at least five years…Aim has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliances” (Page 1)

  • Trump and inner circle have accepted intelligence from Kremlin, including on Democratic and political rivals (Page 1)

  • Claims FSB has comprised Trump from his time in Moscow to blackmail him, which includes “perverted acts” (Page 1)

  • Claims that Trump team had moles in the DNC, Putin “hated and feared” Clinton, Russia behind DNC leaks (Page 7)

  • Transmission of intelligence through “pension” disbursements to Russian emigrates as cover, using consular officials in Miami, NYC and DC (Page 7)

  • Trump agrees to sideline Russia intervention in Ukraine as a campaign issue, raise US/NATO defense commitments in Baltics/East Europe to distract from Ukraine (Page 8 )

  • Claims of bribes and kickbacks with business deals in China/other emerging markets (Page 8 )

  • Various reports of secret meetings between Trump allies (Carter/Manafort) and Russian officials

  • Russia targeted “educated youth” to deter them from voting for Clinton (Page 15)

  • Trump Lawyer, Michael Cohen, met with Russian officials in Prague in August (Page 16)

  • Confirmation of ties between Manafort and Ukraine/Russia (Page 20)

  • Kremlin officials credit Cohen for his role in Russia-Trump connections (Page 32)


Don’t see a problem with anything, even if true, and that is doubtful, except for Trump’s potential involvement in corruption.

But the fact that the source of these documents, compiled by a former intelligence official, was funded by GOP Anti-Trump SuperPACs, makes me want to not believe one part of it.


“Ready to make America Great Again Goy?”


fuck me that picture is so good


And Liberals thought that the Russians were all for Trump…


If this is true, it makes even more sense that the Russians helped him into office.

Get your guy in, release the dirt, throw US leadership into disarray.


That doesn’t make sense. They want Trump to win, so he can fall?


Yes, that makes perfect sense.


Would be pretty miscalculated given that Donald really is teflon. No amount of attacks at the moment, other than genocide and child rape, would damage him.


To his supporters, yes. Not to the average American, or to the American establishment.

Collusion with Russia to this extent is easy grounds for impeachment.





Objectively dangerous for political stability.


Precisely Russia’s goal, if true.


Well, maybe for the good of the country Libs should unite behind Trump then, to foil Russia’s plan.

It would only ‘prove’ that Russia favored Trump, but there is still no real evidence that Russia actually ‘hacked’ anything - as much proof as there was when the same people said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.


So what you’re basically saying is that by pursuing impeachment then the establishment is willingly and knowingly walking into Russia’s objective.


I guess; although I really don’t think the Democrats/anti-Trump Republicans will care about that.


The entire purpose of their complaints about Trump not listening to briefings was that he is being reckless, causing political instability and helping Russia to undermine democracy.

By undermining democracy they are being hypocritical.

It’s like MAD, but they would be launching the nukes first.


You could come up with a respectable justification for removing a Russian stooge–which is already a primary cause of instability–as soon as possible far more easily than you could come up with a justification for a president not listening to briefings.



It’s pretty simple.

  • McCain, Lindsey, Rubio, say they are against undermining democracy
  • Proceed to undermine democracy

it’s kind of ironic.