Intelligence chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him EDIT: Buzzfeed has leaked a document of allegations against Trump, if true, it's damning


You’re seriously underestimating the tribalism of the paleo wing of the GOP, which has shown its potential with Perot, but this time its far bigger and more radical.

and theres no reason Watergate should have killed the GOP more than Trump’s supporters leaving, thats pure hyperbole

…like … by revealing dirt on US politicians?

yeah they sound like evil people

what is even the point, he would just be elected once again (or someone more radical) and the results of that will be far more revengeful


Yeah something tells me the police and military aren’t going to rise up because of an impeachment, sorry. Didn’t know your fetishes and wild fantasies counted as debating points.

“Go ahead and riot and wreck everything! Go kill some people, we voted for the same person so it’s okay!”

Get over yourself.


Trump: The media lies and we should impose laws that punishes their worst offenses
Media, 10 days before inauguration: Anonymous Sources compiled by anti-Trump campaign researchers say Trump is a Russian plant and has a piss fetish



Should we punish Trump for his bald-faced lying as well? Or does he get a pass for all of those?


Trump doesn’t lie, only people that insult or challenge him do.


Glad he triggered you so much


Excellent contribution. :clap:
Could you clarify if that’s a yes or no?


you did the same thing on the thread regarding the disgruntled celebrity lel


I contributed to the thread by pointing out plenty of celebs that were supportive of Streep in the same post.
Are you daft?


your original post in the thread was

‘glad she triggered you so much’

stellar contribution compared to mine.


Do you contribute anything besides intentional comments designed to rile up your ideological opposition on this forum? The others aren’t innocent, but Jesus. It’s visible in a copious amount of threads.

Before any accusations are hurled my way either, I was against a Trump presidency and all that jazz.


Five characters


Example one.
Example two.
I make high effort posts when high effort is in order


lmao literally months ago and months apart


I just grabbed the first two ‘top posts’ off my profile, but I’m glad your ability to differentiate dates is functional.


literally proving his point
why are you so bitter


It’s just bantz, don’t take it too personally.


banter is usually witty and fun for other people to read
your “banter” always seems more like just like spiteful sass


Is it because it’s typically directed at you?
I honestly don’t mean for it to be, though.


lol I think it’s just in line with your vapid and irritating personality exhibited on every level from your username, to your profile picture, to almost everything you post.