Intelligence chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him EDIT: Buzzfeed has leaked a document of allegations against Trump, if true, it's damning


This is the guy who put it together, Chris Burrows is the co-founder.




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"My suspicion would be that the report is a composite of some fact, a lot of speculation, and even some fiction. It is very similar to the types of media-focused disinformation produced by both CIA and KGB in Europe in the 1970s and 1980s, where a little bit of factual information would be used to provide credibility for a lot of speculation and false stories that were intended to sow doubt and confusion. In this case, the original intent might well have been to discredit Trump personally; its release at this time is likely intended to delegitimize his presidency, or to narrow his options on recalibrating with Russia.

I expect, however, that much of the possibly tall tale being told will unravel as the FBI continues and expands its investigation. Trump has predictably denounced the entire matter as “fake news.” He may be right."


Was this supposed to refute what I said?

The report being a real report =/= the accusations being true


I suspected you meant this, but you should have made that more clear.
The report being a real report compiled by a private intelligence company is different from the information in the report being real


It’s from the beginning of November.

I know this report was circling around Washington for a couple months, but it wasn’t really in the public sphere at that point, so either someone has trolled the US intelligence services (which would be hilarious), or someone in the Washington circle saw it and decided to pretend that they’d planted it.


Probably the second to be honest, given the ‘saviour’ mentality it brings. But if it’s the first then it would be hilarious, but it wouldn’t be surprising, given that a 15 year old hacked FBI last year and that a senior I&A cybersecurity expert clicked on a phishing link to reveal documents.

or my personal belief:
Manufacture a native to fit a brief, pass it around from reputable source to reputable source to give it an impression of authenticity with a bit of a press leak here and there, then present it with an air of confidence as fact. All work of intelligence agencies themselves.