Hey all, I’m probably going to study to become a lawyer/attorney when I get to senior high school (I’m from Finland) and in university after that. I consider myself an anarchosyndicalist/socialist and I adore anarchy as a whole, but I’ve been thinking if lawyer is a person of authority, which would be against the ideologies I believe in. Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

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In what form of authority though? I can’t really think of any moral authority or formal authority, as that’s usually what a judge possesses.

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Welcome to the forum! Though I don’t think being a lawyer is completely incompatible with anarchism.


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Your explanation does make sense, as judge is a person making the choices and giving the punishments, lawyer isn’t really controlling anyone.


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I agree that it isn’t incompatible, but a lawyer isn’t really a helpful person in anarchism, since without authority there really isn’t any proper laws. :confused:


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