Is anybody out there?


Is anybody online right now??? 2:35 ET saturday night


Hello, after a long night of :booze I like to hit up in the early mornin :rock


No, I went to bed about 2 hours ago… but you can see if I’m on tomorrow… :smiley:


I’m in the same boat now. I left my truck at the pub tonight. My GF seemed kinda upset that I came home sans truck with a drink in my hand


Well where the hell else should you have your drink… if she was any kind of a girlfriend, she would have held it for ya. :smiley:




she is probably much happier I left it behind. I think she was just upset because a coupke of chick dropped me off an hour after the bar closed. she knows she has nothing to worry about though.


I was in bed!!! lol. :humpnana


Me too :banana