Is capitalism worth it?


been asking myself this one a lot


Only anarcho-capitalism.


In what way are you asking if it is “worth it”? In general? I believe socialism in the future will more adequately ensure general well-being and a standard of living.

Regardless, I don’t think wealth inequality at current levels is a good thing.


Capitalism, at-least for the current age is worth it, as far as it is regulated to protect workers and the environment. Overall, capitalism leads to competition amongst businesses which leads to better products at cheaper products, of course there are some products that the free market doesn’t behave this way, but more most consumer products, like computers capitalism has led to the development of the technology and the advancement of it to eventually be replaced. Of course, without any regulation you end up with stagnation again, where business monopolies(the most efficient way the market ends up organizing itself) ends up suppressing either by buying or price war, newer technology and the higher costs that these generate lead to standard of living not improving.


It is. Out of the previous modes of production, it’s comparatively better. Is it objectively better than anything else we could try? No. And it’s certainly not deviod of problems of astronomical magnitudes. It has been evolving and decaying for decades. By now it’s only a ghost of the “free-market” ideas.


m8, minarchism is far superior to that, and it’s actually anarchic.




Without capitalism we wouldn’t have memes… Think about it…


We’ll size the memes of production, comrade.


The most efficient form of meme production is through privatization


Efficiency my ass. We’ll all have memes with socialization :grin:


Meme competition breeds efficiency


but the need to appeal to the masses means only memes that appeal to normies will survive