Is God competent or incompetent?


Is God competent or incompetent?

We are told in scriptures that evil begets evil and good begets good. God, as our creator, according to scriptures, creates us all as sinners, which many see as evil.

God can thus be seen and judged as being the original sinner since the fruits of his labor (us) went bad or are born bad. A tree is known by its fruits. What else could come from a sinner tree but sin?

I give God a fail on competence for the following reasons.
God created heaven that produced Satan. Fail.
God created Eden which produced Original Sin. Fail.
God had to reboot creation with Noah’s flood. Fail.
God sent his son to forgive mankind instead of stepping up himself. Fail, for moral reasons.
God also had to create hell for his rejects which scriptures say will be the vast majority of us. Fail.

Jesus said we would know his people by their works and deeds and if we believe that, then the Christian God would obviously be rejected by Jesus and agree with my fail judgement.

Do you agree?


First things first. If there was no satan or hell then humans wouldn’t have anything to fear to be good. Humans now fear satan or hell and try not to be bad. God created earth which is the most beautiful planet known to us till date. God created other creatures like plants and animals which drives hunger away from humans. God created carnivores and microorganisms to maintain the cycle of life. God keeps giving men and women who have sinned in their life another chance to be good by rebirth.
So I believe that God is competent.


Strange that you need fear to do good. Most of us just do it because it is the right thing to do.

Those so called facts you rant on are all faith based assumption that you cannot prove to be true.

You live in a make believe world and offer it as an argument against what I put.

There is no response possible to your fantasy.

If you ever want to stop lying and start telling the facts, and not your imaginary ramblings, perhaps we can chat.


I totally agree with Kollaventaka. But we must not forget that in most religions they believe that the “Original Sin” is used by God to test humans on earth, whether they choose the right path. “God sent his son to forgive mankind instead of stepping up himself”, again to answer that, It is believed that God wants to see if people are able to believe without seeing and how far could they get pushed to lose faith in God. Just to add on in cultures other than Christianity Jesus is not Son of God, but a messenger to humans on earth, just a small correction to not generalise all beliefs.


God testing us is old and stupid dogma.

An omnipotent God would already know the result of the test and only a really incompetent God would test what he has created.

It is almost like you saying that God does not trust how he creates and must test for the right results.

And how does he explain when his creation does not do what he created it to do?

I see your thinking as somewhat immature.

BTW, what you see as Original Sin, the brighter Jews see as Original virtue.

I discerning mind will know why. Care to have a guess?



To start off, Original Sin is what you stated in your argument at first so I simply took your words to give in my opinion. Secondly there the youth debate forum is a platform to share ideas without criticizing each other “I see your thinking as somewhat immature”. The topic question you chose is more of an opinion question, as an atheist I believe you are, you allow yourself to criticize something in which you do not believe in, for other people who have different beliefs would definitely oppose themselves to what your are saying. You stated that an omnipotent God would already know the result of the test and only a really incompetent God would test what he has created. Well to reply to that Ill give you an exemple, you are in a science lab and you want to see what happens if you simply put salt in water without mixing it, you know that if you mix the salt it will dissolve into the water but you want to see what happens if you leave it simply alone without mixing it what would happen. Furthermore, there has been studies that it takes nearly 40 thousand years to produce a single hormone in a lab, so how did more than 100 billion of hormones form each year. Historically, some of the mysteries have been cleared and figured out in the past. European scientist discovered how a baby is formed in the early 1900’s while the Arabs discovered it years ago. Crusades went out to demolish the Arab community hoping to impose their culture, without realising it they took all of the knowledge and discoveries Europeans did not have, but for the Arabs, the discoveries were already given to them.


How was it given to them? If you ask, Jews, Christians as well as Muslims, had religious books that were handed over to them with answers on the universe and stories of their religion. Now this proves that if a holly book was given to them by a messenger coming from God, this means that e is the one who was able to create al of what surrounds us.
If you have any counter arguments in a more appropriate and diplomatic way.


I recently browsed around different topics on sociology and strange thing I see is that you appear in every conversation where religion is brought up. Instead of sharing your ideas in a more appropriate manner, you decide to impose your opinion and seem to criticize other peoples point of view. I understand you are frustrated against people who put there faith in God but you must understand that if you cannot show any respect for others belief you should perhaps lean toward another debating topic


You would like that but it would be the immoral thing to do.

For the evils of religion to grow, all good people need do is what you are suggesting I do.

Quite evil of you that.

You ignore this verse.

Proverbs 3:12 For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.

Let this correct you.



I am so sorry, but I will not be corrected by someone who keeps wandering around, and instead of doing something useful in life he keeps insulting and criticizing peoples belief. So no I will not get corrected by someone like you.


Then remain as corrupted as you are.


If God were truly incompetent, the world would not exist. I do not understand the concept of a God intelligent enough to create a universe, yet is somehow incompetent.

Allow me to deal with your misconceptions.

  1. It is true that God created Satan, or Lucifer, as he created all that is. This is not to say that he created evil, indeed scripture is clear that Satan chose his path, wishing to be equal to God. Also, heaven does not produce anything.

  2. Eden did not produce sin. Sin is the result of choosing our own interests, not God’s, turning our back on him.

  3. Creation was not rebooted…

  4. Misunderstanding of the trinity. “I and the father are ONE.”

  5. Scripture does not say that the majority of us will go to hell. Hell is a place for those who choose death over life, who reject God. No innocent people will go there.

No, because then Jesus would be rejecting himself. Jesus IS God. You have completely misread Scripture.


So you want to begin with a lie. Ok.

Show where scriptures say the majority of us are to get into heaven.

I will reply with the quotes that say the vast majority takes the wide road into hell.

If all you are going to do is lie to us, you might be best to ignore the thread.

I do not like liars.


What else did God not create?

Who is his co-creator who created evil?


Oh no you don’t. You made the assertion that Scripture at least implies that most of us are going to hell. Having actually read Scripture, I know that this is not true. You made the claim, you need to back it up, or I will dismiss it because you have not provided evidence of your claim.

Also, I never said that Scripture says the majority of us will get to heaven. I simply pointed out that it does not imply what you said.

Please do, I haven’t seen them. I have seen verses that say that many will choose the wide road that leads to death, but it is quite a jump to interpret this as most people going to hell.

To be honest I had considered ignoring this thread, since it is as vacuous as most of your other ones, but I can’t help myself. I am not lying. I have read Scripture, I know what it says. You clearly do not.

You do not “create” evil. evil is the absence of good, the absence of love. God cannot create the antithesis of his very being. It defies logic.

If anyone created evil, it was Satan. But again, I do not see evil as a positive existing thing. It is the absence of goodness, as darkness is the absence of light.


Your usual garbage.


Are you going to counter my arguments or just spout drivel?


Drivel is what you gave. Not an argument.

You brag of reading your bible but ignore that it says your God created evil.

You try to blame Satan for writing the tree of knowledge of good and evil by letting her decide what is evil.

Rather illogical, which is why the scribes have God creating evil as he is the one who decides what is evil or not.

I like to argue religion but your apologetics are simplistic and not worthy.

Your positions are faith based and not thought based and that is why they are so easily refuted.



Pretty sure i gave an argument.

It doesn’t. Show me where it does.

I’ve got no clue what this means. Could you expound?

No they don’t.


Do you not have faith that you are correct? In any case thought suggests that your position is flawed.


Sure, you say my position is flawed, but you still cannot argue against it or show the flaws.

Your love is too shallow or you have too much hate in your heart.

Proverbs 3:12 For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.