Is God competent or incompetent?


Forgive me, I thought I had.

Would you give your life for someone you don’t know? Would you spend your life serving others? If so, great. If not, do not lecture me on love.


If love is serving others, why do you adore a super strong genocidal son murdering God who demands we serve him?

Do the weak serve the strong in your family or do the strong serve the weak?


The strong serve the weak. But your insistence that God is “son-murdering” highlights your ignorance of trinitarian theology.


So you do not emulate or even follow your God in service. Good for you but that, to God is enough to get you sent to hell.

You are not doing this.

Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

Your ignorance is shown be your lack of belief of God being immortal and not being able to die.

Pot kettle.


I try to emulate him. I try to comfort those who are distressed, neglected, rejected. I try to show love to those who need it. I highly doubt that God would send me to hell for doing his will.

He can if he is both man and God.


If YOU believe that god is a fantasy then why do YOU want to know whether the one you take to be mythical is competent or incompetent? Answer me this question and I will answer to yours.


His will, according to scriptures is to be emulated, which includes being served, and you are not following him in that thinking. Again, kudos on that. He wants service while you are serving others so you are not trying to be as perfect as your God is.

Yes but your God does not so here again you do not follow his vile ways. Why you would lie and say God comforts the distressed I do not know. The belief in some God might give comfort but no God is directly doing so.

Those terms are described differently and no one can be both.

Stop misusing language.


I wish to know so that I can see if theists are thinking straight and honestly of their God or if they are making excuses for him so as to maintain him as their idol even though he does not deserve to be that.


Neat !!! Well theists believe in god with honesty as they are grateful to god for creating them and making them stronger with hardships on their way. Atheists laugh at the idea of god and consider him to be a fantasy. Theists who turned into atheists refuse to face the hardships god keeps in their way and blames him for the hardships. They refuse to see the silver lining of hardships. Atheists who turned into theists did so as they started to understand god and his greatness and started to believe in him. They take god as someone they can talk to and pray to when in time of hardships and thank when luck makes it’s way to them.


Not if theists see a successful God, given his unsuccessful record.

God aside, what you have written brings the following to mind. An O.P. that I plan on putting to the board latter.

I think you will likely understand it and possibly agree.

Gnostic Christianity’s hidden in plain sight secret. We must do evil.

Given evolution and evil, is the Gnostic Christian myth more intelligent than the Christian myth?
The Gnostic Christian myth explains evil quite nicely as compared to what Christianity has produced.

Doing evil must have conscious volition. In law, they call that idea, mens rea. It is the cornerstone of secular and religious law and shows guilt and the knowledge that one is doing evil to another. When present, that is the only time sin can be applied to mankind.

Gnostic Christians posit an evil God, Yahweh, because of his creation of the evolutionary system in place. This system forces us to do evil to others when we win competitions. We must compete to survive and thrive. We must do evil and that is why we see Yahweh as evil. In a more modern sense, not so much evil as a necessary evil. In the Gnostic Christian view, this allows hope that there is another God above Yahweh that might have a better system that excludes that evil. Yahweh then is just our idea of a system we do not like for it’s evils, and we actually hope to be wrong in our evaluation of reality.

Do you recognize that you must do evil to survive and that the Gnostic Christian myth is a better way to explain evil than the Christian myth does?

What do you think?


If they are atheists, they cannot blame what they do not believe in.


Yeah nah. Your theology is flawed. We serve God by serving others. I might remind you that Jesus came not to be served, but to serve.

But he does. Did Jesus not comfort the sick, the rejected?

Because he did, and continues to do so.

How do you know?

God cannot be both? I thought God could do anything?


Yeah nah. Your theology is flawed. You say you are serving God by serving others, yet indicate that God wants to serve and not be served.

Logic and reason do not seem to be your forte.

Did Jesus not condemn the whole world?

A statement without evidence or proof is likely a lie.

No evidence or proof.

How do you know the opposite without evidence of proof?

Seems you are wrong but lack the honesty to admit it.


Matthew 25:40 “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Jesus spent his life serving others, yet he commands that we do the same. We serve God by serving others there is no logical contradiction.

John 3:17 “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”


You would deny that he provides comfort to those who follow him? All Christians must be terrible liars then.

Proof? He comforts me. And how can you deny that? Unless I am deliberately fooling myself… I may not be the most intelligent person, but I am honest enough to know when I am deceiving myself.

When I believe myself to be wrong, I will admit it. Until then, continue to try to change my mind. You never know, you just might.


“I am deliberately fooling myself”


And why on earth would I do that?


That is the question I seek an answer to.

So far, tribalism and insecurity about death seem to be the top picks.

Why else would one put the faith of fools over known facts.



What, you know what happens after death?

I do not fear death, so that is not why I have faith. Also, I am not a sheep, and am not afraid to disagree with fellow believers.

You are going to have to find other reasons why I continue to “delude” myself.


I did not say I knew anything about what happens after death.

You will disagree with fellow believers but you will not stand up to your God on issues like baby killing and his use of genocide.

You just accept them as good and idol worship your genocidal son murdering prick of a God.



Even if I did so, what would that accomplish? Even if God were a genocidal maniac, how would me standing up to him make a difference?

I will stand up to humans who do such things, for that is within my power.

No, I don’t.

No, I don’t.

We’ve been over this, he did not murder his Son.