Is God competent or incompetent?


It you begin one, remember that Eve was said to have been deceived by that pesky talking serpent, Satan to most, while Adam is said to have disobeyed, yet Eve gets most of the punishment.

God seems to hate women just as his misogynous religion does.

You might be wasting your time and energy though as Christians do not want to see Eden as Jews do and did. As our elevation and not our fall. You might wonder why Christianity reversed the moral of the story to fit their discrimination against women without a just cause, while calling Adam’s sin a happy fault and necessary to god’s plan.

Strange and stupid of Christians that.



Owainp is ignoring the data from Global Peace Index, as usual. hypocrisy is his forte.



Correlation is not causation, the peacefulness of a country however is demonstrably recognised by how wealthy and developed it is, the more wealth a country has the more likely it is to be secular and have low religiosity.


The U.S. calls itself a Christian nation and is the number one economy in the world, while also having the largest jail population in the world.

That belies what you put.



So we went from peacefulness to prison population? consistency of points does not appear to be your strength. Also, the USA has a high percentage of nons (irrelegious) people in its population, and its literally the founder of codified secularism, France literally got the idea for secularism from the USA implementing it. Nice try

The usa is by its own constitutions definition and law a secular federation.


You forget the French Revolution, the beginning of democracy which champions secularism.

Prison populations are a great indicator of the peacefulness of a people.

If you cannot see that then -----



And where did they get the idea for this revolution? coughs Frenchman who fought and were present in the American war for independence

You used a metric, which has a strict definition, don’t bullshit with your own definition while using defined metrics. You dishonest feck


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Speaking of secularism, it’s interesting that one of the founders of secularism was Ibn Rushid (AKA Aviorres), which is ironic considering the current state of Islam. That said, there is still hope; groups like the Kurds and Albanians tend to be very moderate and tolerant, likely due to their negative streak with fundamentalism and dogmatism


I hear you but I would be vigilant because nations swing from right wing to left in a heartbeat.

Trump, to me, is equivalent to a right wing Muslim taking over a left leaning country.

One more generation we might see before the world settles down to a nice middle ground.



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Perhaps not. If we reincarnated into a new body then we’d be able to constantly start our lives over and try new things. It’d allow us to consistently experience new perspectives, especially if it was stretched over a multiverse diverging at various timelines.

However, if you’re referring to living eternally in the same body then I’d agree that it’d be boring


We would only know of those new things if our consciousness remembered them when we return.

If we somehow wipe our memories before returning, then all would be new and we would not know of our other experiences.

If we maintained the memories in some kind of subconsciousness, it would be like us living in a virtual computer world or Matrix where we are our own controllers. Boring after a few lifetimes.

All the Shangri-La stories I have read all end in boredom being the end result.

We are almost at that point here on earth and sages are warning that in 50 years or so, half the deaths will be suicide. This link speaks of that as well as eternal life.



You’re right on the money with this.
But I think you’re missing something. It is all God has done that has eventually failed. God himself has failed at nothing per se.

However, an interesting part of mass is when we poor idiots admit to have sinned “by action or by omission”. By omission. BY OMISSION!

Therefore, God should not be held accountable for what he has DONE, but for what he has NOT DONE as well!!

Therefore, God is to blame for not stopping the Rohiga massacre. And the Gulf War. And the Afghanistan War. And Isis. And the War in Syria. And WWII. And the Holocaust. And WWI. And all other wars before and after that.
Oh, and kids with cancer. And leukemia. And just cancer in general.
Guns? Yeah.
Murders? All of them.
Rapes? Every single one.
Poverty? Famine? Death? Absolutely.

You see, as the God we pray to about these things, he is very much aware of them. But a God who’d rather let 6 million civilian Jews die than intervene, is incompetent at best, guilty of murder at worst.


Thanks for the nice agreement and greeting.

I will ignore your list of woes as I have stats that show that you are off the mark my friend. Let’s not get sidetracked though.

Can I ask you to speak to the goal you think God missed?

By this I mean that we are evolving creatures and are quite good at this goal setting.

We live in the best of all possible worlds, because it is the only possible world.

What world could be better than what is? Goal wise.



The premise that the world that we are living in is the best one, that “Everything is at best in the best of worlds” is wrong.
Pangloss, the hyper-optimist created by Voltaire in Candide, is shown as being incorrect.
Not only is the scientific community quite doubting on the singularity of our world - Hawkings believed in an infinity of them -, but it is most definitely not the best it can be.

To state that everything is as good as it can be in this world is simply incorrect. Just as my own grades have room for improvement, the world does too, in matters social, economical…

Just because you may believe that this world is the best and only thing we’ve got, does not make it so. Best, by definition, signifies that there is no room for improvement. However, seeing as mass poverty, starvation and illnesses, to name a few, are still very existent in our world, there is significant place for betterment of the world.

Your premise is therefore incorrect.

As for the goal I think God missed, I believe God is responsible for the existence of evil in this world. Although God might not have created evil himself, I believe God is responsible for the existence of evil in this world. If, I repeat, He did not create evil, - many claiming that it was Man in fact that did – He could’ve very simply destroyed it, omnipotent as he is, if he is as benevolent as he is claimed to be.

Therefore, when asked what goal I think God missed, it is that of omnibenevolence. It cannot possibly be claimed that God is omnibenevolent. Not with the examples I gave previously. If he truly is omnibenevolent, and does nothing to stop the woes I examplified previously, then he either cannot do so, and is therefore not omnipotent, or refuses to, making him lose his place as omnibenevolent.
That is the goal he missed. That of making our world as good as it can be.


Thanks for this.

The best of all possible worlds is indeed the best we have — given our history and the laws of physics.

Sure, we can all come up with lists of improvements to make the world better, That does not take away from the facts that what we have is the best that can be, — given our history.

You cannot change the past and what we are at this point in time. You can only change the future,



But which God is the almighty God.


You tell me. I don’t know.

The only God I know of that has any power over me at all is I am.

Modern Gnostic Christians name our god “I am”, and yes, we do mean ourselves.

You are your controller. I am mine. You represent and present whatever mind picture you have of your God or ideal human, and so do I.

The name “I Am” you might see as meaning something like, — I think I have grown up thanks to having forced my apotheosis through Gnosis and meditation.

In Gnostic Christianity, we follow the Christian tradition that lazy Christians have forgotten that they are to do. That is, become brethren to Jesus.

That is why some say that the only good Christian is a Gnostic Christian.

Here is the real way to salvation that Jesus taught.

Matthew 6:22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

John 14:23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

Romans 8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

Allan Watts explain those quotes in detail.

Joseph Campbell shows the same esoteric ecumenist idea in this link.

The bible just plainly says to put away the things of children. The supernatural and literal reading of myths.