Is God competent or incompetent?


It you begin one, remember that Eve was said to have been deceived by that pesky talking serpent, Satan to most, while Adam is said to have disobeyed, yet Eve gets most of the punishment.

God seems to hate women just as his misogynous religion does.

You might be wasting your time and energy though as Christians do not want to see Eden as Jews do and did. As our elevation and not our fall. You might wonder why Christianity reversed the moral of the story to fit their discrimination against women without a just cause, while calling Adam’s sin a happy fault and necessary to god’s plan.

Strange and stupid of Christians that.



Owainp is ignoring the data from Global Peace Index, as usual. hypocrisy is his forte.



Correlation is not causation, the peacefulness of a country however is demonstrably recognised by how wealthy and developed it is, the more wealth a country has the more likely it is to be secular and have low religiosity.


The U.S. calls itself a Christian nation and is the number one economy in the world, while also having the largest jail population in the world.

That belies what you put.



So we went from peacefulness to prison population? consistency of points does not appear to be your strength. Also, the USA has a high percentage of nons (irrelegious) people in its population, and its literally the founder of codified secularism, France literally got the idea for secularism from the USA implementing it. Nice try

The usa is by its own constitutions definition and law a secular federation.


You forget the French Revolution, the beginning of democracy which champions secularism.

Prison populations are a great indicator of the peacefulness of a people.

If you cannot see that then -----



And where did they get the idea for this revolution? coughs Frenchman who fought and were present in the American war for independence

You used a metric, which has a strict definition, don’t bullshit with your own definition while using defined metrics. You dishonest feck


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Speaking of secularism, it’s interesting that one of the founders of secularism was Ibn Rushid (AKA Aviorres), which is ironic considering the current state of Islam. That said, there is still hope; groups like the Kurds and Albanians tend to be very moderate and tolerant, likely due to their negative streak with fundamentalism and dogmatism


I hear you but I would be vigilant because nations swing from right wing to left in a heartbeat.

Trump, to me, is equivalent to a right wing Muslim taking over a left leaning country.

One more generation we might see before the world settles down to a nice middle ground.



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