Is God competent or incompetent?


You thought you never knew the almighty, but if you believed in science, did you believe in faith about the Lord or you would only eternal Christ ? As the future is a Asa Throne knew.


The Lord is the scientific evidence of knowing and man or even so Islam thought so??? :us::saudi_arabia:


Islam believes in a supernatural God and I have no clue as to what you were trying to say with your post before this last. I take it English is not your first language.

Please try again.

Perhaps not if you did not understand my longer post that you replied to, which seems to be the case.



I think that Dr. Manhattan’s character in Watchmen (which if you haven’t read yet, you really should) makes some excellent points about what it would really be like to be omnipotent and omniscient. Dr. Manhattan, since he now knows everything and can do anything, becomes detached from humanity because he realizes how small and insignificant it all is in the grand scheme of things. If there really was such a being, why would it concern itself with something so trivial as whether some humans acknowledged its existence or what a pair of consenting humans did to each other in their free time?

Deists such as Thomas Jefferson wondered this too, hence why they believed that God basically just created everything and then noped out of there to do something else more interesting. We were basically an experiment. Human bacteria moving around on a giant petri dish


That is why I reject the supernatural altogether.

If it did exist, and you know of fractals, then there would always be another hidden God above any god.

That thinking was Gnostic Christian thinking way back even before fractals were discovered.