Is Islam peaceful?


I’m student from Thailand,and do you think about it? (My question)


In my opinion the answer is a bit harder than just a yes or a no. Islam is a relatively young religion, Christianity wasn’t very peaceful when it was the same age but it developed into a more peaceful religion. Even nowadays, people will pick or choose what they really believe in from the Bible, some will be reinterpreted or some will be ignored. Islam hasn’t really gone through the developing phase yet. It is still rather young and therefore in its purest form is quite vicious. That said, most people who say they follow Islam, especially those in the Western world have done the exact same as what Christians have done - pick bits they personally believe in and create a bedrock of opinions and norms. Most who support Islam don’t agree with some of the violence the book preaches, and that is fine and good.


Thank for your answer.I think If " peaceful" is classified by "teaching of a religion " meaning to say that we just literally look at religious teaching regardless of how good or bad the practitioner is.


i think so islam is peace full i have study islam deeply and found noting precius about islam


Depends on how literally you interpret the scripture. But the same goes for Christianity. Deuteronomy 22:20-21 says if you take on a wife and she is found to be not a virgin, take her to her father’s house with the men of her city and stone her until she dies, because she’s a whore.


Just to clarify the situation, there is a lot of misinterpretation in the society towards this religion. Now I have read the Quraan several times in 4 different languages; Arabic, French, English and even Spanish. But I could assure you that I have never read any verses that promotes violence acts. They oftenely say that women are oppressed by men in Islam. If we go back into time, during the time of the Muslim messenger Mohamed (Peace Be Upon him), his wife was actually a business women, and she made a big amount of money. Society also thinks that the Muslim covering (Hijab) is some sort of prison, just to clarify everything, the hijab is a symbol of modesty, the women who were’s the hijab only allows her loved ones to see what is under it. It is not an obligation in our religion, the God simply asks women to show self respect and modesty when in public. Islam is also a really scientifcal religion, in the book several scientifical concepts are described; how babies develop, the explanation of the seven layers of the sky, what happens to a star when it dies (gives birth to a black hole), ect…


No, see all of the Middle East, Polynesia, and North Africa.


I understand its a bit late. But could you develop more on what you said.