Is it possible to be in love with 2 people

this is my first post…I’ve been on this site for a while…mostly in the humor forum just reading…that’s some funny stuff in there…makes the time go by fast at work.

before yall blast me and stuff…just hear my story out…

I’ve been with this girl for a long time now and had hopes to marrying her…and i still do. She’s like a perfect match to me. I’ve been talking to this other girl for a couple years now…she has been going through some problems and I have been there to help her go through those problems. She had bf problems and family problems and so on. I was there to be her “best friend”. Just recently, during winter time…we got even closer…cause we had a lot of things in common…and one thing led to another…things started to get hot and heavy. i kinda sorta knew it was coming…but really didn’t do anything to prevent it. So, basically I’m getting the real “friends with benefit” from this girl. So I have deep feelings for this girl and she says the same thing to me too…she keeps saying how perfect i am for her and stuff…we’ve talked about it and all how we kinda need to go our seperate ways and she relizes that she can’t have me because I told her that I was going to propose to my real girlfriend. I don’t know im just kinda stuck in this situation…and I really love my girlfriend to death. i keep tellin girl B to get a boyfriend…but everytime she tells me about a guy she met…i get jealous…and say “no…hes not the one for you”…kind of liek a brother lookin out for his baby sis. its just kinda hard for me to let go…

so im ready for the bashing and/or advice yall can give me.

Its tough but you can’t have both, thats life. Whether you want to or not you have to chose one and cut ties with the other, you can’t have your cake and eat it or you’ll end up with nothing. And learn your lesson for next time and don’t start getting attatched to girls when you already have a girlfriend!

agreed…you put yourself in this position because you didn’t have boundaries set…just think of how you would feel if your GF did smething similar to you with antoher man…maybe you don’t deserve your gf if you can’t stay faithful. If it was a one time screw up, and you KNOW you won’t do it again…then it’s up to you whether or not you can live with yourself or not for it. Also, if you are REALLY in love with your gf…then you will want her to be with the best person possible, and if you know that person isn’t you, then you will let her go. Otherwise you are just being selfish. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I just don’t see how you let yourself fall in love with someone else…you have to set those boundaries, and respect them, and make sure others do too…if not, then they aren’t real friends either. I would stop talking to girl B immediately if you plan on going ahead with teh engagement.

Yes, it is possible to love two people at once… although it is not always practical. In your situation, I’d say you should choose one and go forth from there. If you want to get engaged to girl A, sever ties with girl B immediately.

Polyamoury only works if all the parties in the relationship are totally aware of the arrangement, and are happy to continue with it. By reading what you have written, I doubt girl A even knows about girl B, let alone agreed to a polyamourous relationship.

Bashes b00 with a cinder block and walks out of the thread:tongue:

LMAO @ Boomer. Good stuff there.

Alright dude, here is my take. You’ve got girl A, and you’ve been together for a long time, and things are great. Then there is girl B that is a little bit hot, and you’ve pictured her naked a lot more times than you’ll admit. There was an opportunity there, and you took the weak road.

Can you see yourself married to girl B? If the answer is yes, then you need to break up with girl A as soon as possible, because if you’re willing to cheat on her with hottie B and hide it, you don’t love her as much as you think.

If the answer is no, then you need to understand that you’re letting little head do big heads job, and know that there is only drama and heart ache down that road.

In your situation, I think the only thing that’s clear is that you need to not be worried about getting married right now. I am always a big fan of honesty being the easiest road to travel. You need to come clean with girl A and tell her you don’t know if you’re ready for the next step, and need some time to figure things out. Be as gentle with her as you can, because she’s the only victim here. You’re not even telling the poor thing, so she’s double assed out.

If you need to keep this fling with B going, you need to make it official. Later on down the road, when you’re done having fun amd wamt girl A back, she may take you, she may not, but it’s the only honorable road you have out of this mess.

Too right, Pete! And I had to learn that lesson the hard way. :frowning:

I like the way you experssed things IntruderLS1

My suggestion for b00 is that if you dare to do it, dare to admit to the one you love as well. Unless you are just another irresponsible man. I don’t believe it when people say oh one thing lead to another… If you act on it, then it means you want some; and if you act on what you want at that moment and throw your gf out of your mind then maybe she should get out of the relationship and get with someone for some hot moments, too.