Is The Government As An Entity Evil At Its Core?


Ronald Reagan once said "The scariest sentence in the English language is: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help”.

The mentality of ultra-anti government is what dominates a large sector of libertarian and anarchist ideology.

Do you believe the statement, that the government is fundamentally evil, is true or false, and to what extent?

Personal View:

I see the government as an entity that, if left unchecked and unregulated, will only work for itself; but if it is properly subject to the will of the populace, it has the potential to do good.


The idea of government is inherently misanthropic.The basis of government is the belief that individuals and groups cannot be trusted to run their own lives,that tribalism and conflict is the result of human nature rather than deliberately engineered by artificial systems of hierarchical control,that democracy is only good where it can be regulated,that markets and states can and should collude to keep the “unwashed masses” as far away from personal and collective power as possible,that history is static and that heroism results from actions within the system rather than in resistance to it.The term “terrorism” was coined to refer to tribal peoples who resisted European colonization,slavery and extermination,as well as radical abolitionists in the West who spoke out against white supremacism despite largely being white themselves.The current terrorism scare is not only inherently racist and Islamophobic,it is also classist.


Government isn’t inherently evil, but it generally turns out to be since there’s no-one to really check the government. And I mean, evil is subjective, you may see government control of communications as evil while someone else may see it as a necessary. I personally see the government as a necessity and that there needs to be some sort of elite, but in an ideal world the elite would be selected on merits, so anyone can become part of the elite, and the elite can become not elite if they’re crap.