Is the ongoing punishment of Adam and Eve justifiable?


Is the ongoing punishment of Adam and Eve justifiable?

Christian dogma says that Adam and Eve were murdered by neglect when God locked away the tree of life.

Eve was deceived by Satan and the talking serpent that God put in Eden. This caused the Original Sin concept that Christianity calls a happy fault and necessary to God’s plan.

Was gaining an education and a moral sense, which basically is what gaining knowledge is, justifiable to you?

Can you see yourself punishing your children for gaining an education and a moral sense the way God is punishing Adam and Eve to this day?



It’s not


Maybe life is better eternal when you lack knowledge of good and evil, but terrible when you have it. Maybe the idea that it’s a punishment is an error of the interpreter.


Why not?

Should they have been rewarded for making the right choice?



Quite possibly.

The Jews interpreted their myth as our elevation but Christianity turned around and called it our fall.

I think they wanted to bolster the false guilt that loosens the purse strings just as their invented hell concept is designed to do.



I would agree. If not brain dead, the eternal living would be living a life always wishing for death.

Perhaps the ancient scribes knew that.

I believe that reality here is a fair bit more than we perceive, but let us pray that there is no eternal life waiting for us.



Because, at least theoretically (as I am not religious), it has caused more suffering than pleasure. God created them, introducing what he saw as “evil” into their world, when he just as easily could have not placed it there. Even so, God didn’t justify his hierarchy over them, and frankly, I don’t see a reason why his authority should have henceforth been respected.

I mean, questioning unjust authority is good, and in theory I suppose it would have been nice if they were rewarded, however I don’t see where that reward would come from.


The same source as the punishment.

Have you noticed the two faced governments who put in whistle blower protection laws, but when someone blows the whistle, as in the Panama Papers, the government brings the whistle blower to face charges.

What a stupid world we live in sometimes.




Never heard it called a happy fault.

You’re missing the point. We rejected God, not the other way around. Nor can all blame be placed on Satan.

You’re missing the point of the story.


No, original sin is a crime no person has a say in committing , collective punishment is a crime against humanity in international law as well as a war crime


Yes your are. Pathetic reading comprehension that.

If God did not murder A & E by locking away what would have kept them alive, what would you call it?

Oh wait that would take an argument to explain it and you do not have the intelligence to do that.



U C 20/20.



Again with the personal attacks.

If a parent lets their grown children out into the world to live and be free, where there is possibility that harm will come to them, are they committing murder? Such is your logic.

Look I honestly don’t know why I bother. If you can’t argue logically without resorting to personal attacks, I suggest you look elsewhere to spew your propaganda. This is a debating site, not a schoolyard.


Yet you do not debate and only deny.

So I do not know why you bother either as you are not learning anything new and do not want to.

You are a dim bulb who does not recognize that fact.



Pretty sure I’m the one debating here.

Oh I’m learning all right, but learning does not mean I have to accept what you are saying as correct.

As I just said, I do recognize that fact.