Is there a difference between sleeping and death?


I kind of think this is interesting. A lot of people here believe when you die you simply just cease to exist like the billions of years prior to your existence. It’s a simple concept really that does make sense if you don’t believe in a deity.

Now think about when you’re sleeping. You simply cease to exist in a sense. You’re completely unaware. You aren’t conscious. You aren’t you. You can’t think, smell, or see.

Is there actually any different between sleep and death? Are we just dying every night? Except we breathe and eventually wake up?


If someone has absolutely no dreams in their life, then yes, from our point of view, sleeping would be the same experience as death, but it ends.


Sleeping is in no way affiliated with death. Sleeping is sleeping. It is when you have dreams and your brain/body creates new connections and processes everything from the day. You also get to wake up! Death is… well… death.


There are two main differences between sleeping and death: dreaming and permanence. Both of these are due to the fact that when we sleep, some living processes still continue (signals from the brain being interpreted by the cortex cause dreaming, for example). So we cannot think of sleeping like death. Otherwise, if you know a sleepwalker, shoot them in the head.


I don’t think that anyone can actually answer this question and give us a full answer. Sleeping is actually nice, it’s relaxing, and it refreshes you and prepares you for the next stage of life. I would say that sleeping is a part of life and so I would not be able to associate. Death is its own thing. It’s a transition from one form of life to the other. The grand question is what is that of the. I do understand where you’re coming from and I would say that the best definition is sleep is the cousin of death. Because it has a similar resemblance. But for me these two are two completely different things and I would find it hard to associate


Of course there is a difference. When you sleep you can wake up but when you are dead you no longer exist physically. As to what happens when a person dies, non of us know and each person will have to find out for themselves. We don’t die when we sleep because we wouldn’t then wake up.


Weird question but I could see where you’re coming from. Sleeping is just temporary unconsciousness while death is…well more of a permanent state. You could argue that there is life after death but its probably just an eternal slumber in a way.


To others it would be most likely the same. You aren’t responding and your eyes are closed (most of the time) no real difference besides the fact that when you die your body ceases to function. But death could very well be an eternal sleep which is debatable. When you sleep you still wake up the next day and death is being technically asleep forever.


I don’t cease to exist when I’m asleep. I’m still very much alive. I’m still breathing, my heart is still pumping blood, and my brain is still working. That doesn’t sound like death to me.


Well, of course your body still exists when you die. Unless you’re talking about a soul, this point is invalid. The physical makeup of your body changes over time more when you’re alive than when you’re dead.
Also, something a lot of people ignored when saying “death is permanent”, is that someone can be medically dead for a bit, then come back to life. There are a lot of recorded incidences of near death experiences, which happen at such times.
Personally, I think that sleeping can never be like death. Whether you can remember it or not, brain activity continues in sleep, and most people have dreams.


There is a big difference between these two in fact there are two obvious differences.

  1. You wake up from sleeping, however, you never are going to wake up from death you will wake up from sleeping.

  2. Second of all during sleeping you technically are conscious and your brain is cleansing itself. However, when you are dead you aren’t actually doing anything and you will never wake up.


I know a lot of people believe there is no after life, but how do they know that exactly. I don’t think anyone can say what happens to you when you die. Sleeping and Death are two different things though, when you sleep you are a bit aware as you dream.


What a good question really… I think that the basic difference between sleeping and dying is that when we are asleep we return to the body and we wake up and when we die we do not return. So yeah, basically we die every night?


I would say that the only similarity that we know of between this two states is that we look the same when we sleep and when we are dead (that’s why the eternal slumber for example). We can’t know what happens to your brain, to you when you die, we know just what happens to your body. That is in my opinion the reason why we can’t really compare death and sleeping like the two similar things, except that it looks alike.


Our brain ceases to exist. I would say it would be a lot like sleep, only without the dreams. There would be nothingness everywhere. Just lack of conscious!


No one knows, for sure. Anyone that claims to know is full of it! There’s no proof of anything - live for today my friend. But I agree, sleep is like death unless you are having a dream. Once your brain is dead, there are no dreams, no figments of our imagination.

Anyone ever been put under for surgery? I equate that to death because you are completely unaware and when you wake up you have no trace of time or day or year…very odd experience.


The question should be if there’s a difference between sleeping drunk and death. When you sleep drunk, you don’t dream, so i guess the only difference with death would be that your body doesn’t rot. But i’m sure it would smell the same as being dead. Alcohol is poison.


You can still smell while you are sleeping. Sometimes it’s the smell of something unpleasant that wakes you up. You can still think because otherwise dreams wouldn’t occur in your unconscious state. The difference between sleeping and death is the fact in death you don’t sleep. You’re just a cold body.


I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t recognize the difference between sleeping and death. Sleeping means that our body is still somewhat alive and our brains are still active. Just because you can’t physically quantify what your brain is doing while you’re sleeping doesn’t mean that it isn’t actually functioning.

Dying or being dead is a lot different from sleeping according to countless people who have been resuscitated over the past few decades. Many report wild hallucinations when their brains are deprived of oxygen that clearly were not dreams. Other report that they were just “nothing” as in they don’t remember anything about their experiences. Sometimes you do remember your dreams because they are actual things that happen in your mind while you are sleeping based upon your day and the things your physical body have done.


I’d say the obvious difference is that you wake up again into this realm after sleeping, whereas it might take a while before you wake up again into this world, after you have died.
I am talking of reincarnation.