Is there a difference between sleeping and death?


Sleeping and death are totally different. Death is the end of life and it is not a very nice process, death is very unkind to the human body. Dead is not breathing or having a heart rate. When you sleep you are still breathing and alive.


This is an interesting question, yes, in a way, I believe that death is ‘similar’ to sleep in a way. However, sleep is a process when your body can regenerate while death means, being dead.


This question can have many answers due to the fact that all people perceive it differently. It really depends on the faith a person believes in. A Catholic without any doubt would say that there’s a difference between sleeping and death, but then an atheist would might agree with you.


The difference is that one is a state of living and another is a state of death. Consciousness arises from the brain so the death of it means the end of the individual. The sleeping can dream; the dead cease to be.


Well I think that should be very obvious, one you actually wake up the next day or whenever b you wake up, you’re still breathing, your just unconscious for the time you are sleeping.

Death on the other hand is something completely in itself. You fall into death you don’t come back, your not breathing, thinking, your not conscious. Death is time you will never have again.


I think the experience, or lack thereof, is the same. However in the medical sense if you’re dead you can’t breathe but when you’re asleep you can and all your organs are functioning. you’re right by saying that being dead is like how you were before you were born.


The difference between sleeping and death is that when you’re sleeping, your heart is still beating. When you’re dead, your heart is no longer beating which means that you’re no longer alive. If your eyes are closed & your heart is still beating, it can mean one of two things. That you’re asleep & dreaming about all kinds of crazy stuff or that you’re in a coma & can’t wake up on your own. To make myself clear, DEATH would be the opposite of what I just explained. :stuck_out_tongue: :idea: ;):cool:


I like how you mentioned the new connections being made! Good point!


Hypothetically our brains are still active while we are sleeping, meaning that there is a big difference between sleeping and death. With being brain dead when we are dead, I do not think that we dream while we are dead.


I personally believe that there is not much difference other than the ones you stated which ish that we’re still breathing and will eventually wake up. When we are asleep, nothing else exists and nothing else matters, and is imagine death is like that.


From a human perspective sleeping and death are different. Someone who’s sleeping still has life in them. One who’s dead though isn’t alive. But to God, sleeping and death are very much the same. In both states, a human’s consciousness is lacking.


When you go into the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep (when you dream) your body paralyses itself to stop you from ‘acting’ out your dream in your sleep, so it could be a lot like we imagine death, because you are in a paralysed state for most of the night.


There is not much difference between sleeping and death, because when we sleep our spirit actually leaves our bodies and is normally present at the venue of wherever we are dreaming about, the same will happen when we die our spirit gets out of us but we just never wake up.


What a question, of course there is a difference! If you were able to read or write this you would be dead. Sleep is a temporary condition, death is irrevocable.


No death is death. You die and what made you, you ceases to exist. You aren’t thinking, breathing, farting. You are dead. When you sleep

your mind is still active. Your heart still beats, your lungs still breathe, you are still you.


Think of your body as a clock, when you sleep you keep ticking away, you might not be physically aware of it unless you are in a very light slumber however you keep breathing, keep moving, talk, think, digest food, heart keeps beating all the good stuff…

Now when your dead the clock has stopped, no more tick or tock and none of the above.


I have no idea, since I’ve never been dead before or gotten any feedbacks on how that felt from a dead person. I think once you die, your system is shut off and everything is pitch black, it is a crazy thing to think about I must admit on how it really feels when you die, like are you still conscious but dead and can’t move would be crazy.


In physiological terms, death and sleep are completely different. If you are dead, none of your organs work. When you sleep, all of them are still at work. I suppose if you mean in terms of spirituality, that is decided by an individual’s religious beliefs.


You do exist when you sleep. Your brain is still functioning perfectly normally, its cells are still alive. Your brain just temporarily reduces its sensitivity to some sensory input, that’s all.
Death is when your brain ceases to function, and its cells die.
They are nothing alike.


Sleeping is a bit like a short version of death in some respects (if you don’t dream), but because it has an end that makes it very different, because you can be aware that you just slept, but you can’t be aware that you’ve ever been dead, if that makes sense