Is there a difference between sleeping and death?


Sure, but there’s a big difference in how much they are lacking. When you’re dead, your consciousness no longer exists and there’s no brain activity at all. When you’re asleep, your consciousness is impaired in some aspects and there is still plenty of brain activity going on.

God, being the omniscient being he/she/it is, would clearly know this difference.

That’s not what happens at all.


We all believe this to be so, but nobody can actually prove that. I wish that when we die we are in some sort of state where we at least know we are dead and be able to do simple tasks.


Yes we can. EEG scans, fMRI scanning, microscopy, etc. are all methods that we can use to measure activity in the brain. Sleep has been extensively studied and the areas of the brain responsible for it are fairly well-known at this point.


I think that when you sleep, many parts of your brain are still active (Correct me if I’m wrong) When you’re dead, they’re not active. I think there’s a huge distinction.


:huh: Well then you wouldn’t be dead then would you?


Befor we were born it didn’t feel like we were asleep … we didn’t know anything and billions of years went by without us feeling any time… when we die, our brains go dead which means if we woke up we would be brain dead, meaning we would have to learn everything again which isn’t always possible . Therefore I believe death is nothing like sleep and sleep is a living process and we wake up feeling refreshed not brain dead.


If someone calls my name in my sleep, that wakes me up and I respond. Can’t do that if I’m dead.

When you’re asleep, your body is still functioning and regulating itself. Not so much when you’re dead. The fact that we may be able to “upload” our consciousness in the future before our body gives out (and live on in the digital world) may alter this reality though. But as it stands, I’ll probably know when I’m dying, but not actually be aware to know much of anything once I’m dead. Because…well…that’s death for ya.


I’ve been put under many times; each time I come around I feel different to when I wake from sleep. There is no sense of time - you drift away and then come round.

I became unconscious after a motorcycle accident too - a horrific experience to watch - but the reality was very different; I remember very little and there was no pain until I woke in hospital.

Of course, we cannot know if that is what its like to die - but if it is, it isn’t unpleasant.

Don’t fear the experience; it must be just those that survive that experience the true pain - I’ve been there too; to lose a loved one is so very hard. Experiencing unconsciousness is nothing of the sort.