Is This A British Thing?

Not having a pop at anyone but something I observed in the vote for the most popular member threads, thing. I notice most, non British, vote for themselves. Over here it is a custom to vote for your opponent, it’s seen as good sportsmanship and voting for yourself is seen as rather arrogant. Not trying to accuse any one here of being arrogant, I’m guessing it’s just not the custom where you live? It’s sort of an unwritten rule over here. :slight_smile: Just interested is all, its up to you how you vote and I wouldn’t think any worse of anyone who didn’t do this. :slight_smile:

I don’t think Americans follow any customs like that. Well if any rule were to be followed it would be not to vote at all I think and I have gone that route before. I think otherwise it’s every man for himself.

Just standard way of competing over here, opponenst vote for there rivals, i guess it intensifys the battle

We also don’t vote for ourselves here… but being an ex-Brit colony, I’m not surprised LOL

This is AMERICA son, we don’t know the meaning of the word sportsmanship!

Here in America, it’s everyone for themselves… mostly. :smiley:

I agree with you entirely, however, I refrained from voting on my own line, because I really didn’t think Tim would need extra votes over me… But generally, yes, I vote for my opponent.

i didnt vote at all in my section… maybe y i didnt make it through… i just didnt think it was allowed…

I lost an election once by voting for the other person.

Usually it depends on what the voting is on. If I don’t think it really matters, I vote for my opponent. But when it’s important that I win, I vote for me.

voting for yourself is arrogant everywhere dude!
I think people on the internet IN GENERAL are a little more arrogant than if you were to meet them in real life… its part of the fun of being on the web

[quote=“dkwrtw, post: 1084356”]This is AMERICA son, we don’t know the meaning of the word sportsmanship![/quote]

:24: I love it!

I voted for myself cuz I wanted to offset a vote not for me. LOL
Typically I don’t vote for myself on stuff like this, but I can so I did.
I always vote for my opponent IRL.

good question Pete, i was wondering the same.

I have shit self esteem… and my thinking is… if I don’t vote for myself I will feel bad…