Is this a ghost

its all over the news

Spooky! Haunting Photo Baffles Ghost Busters - Yahoo! News UK

nah… there wil be an explanation for it…

but photographic experts have examined the picture and theres been no tampering

well… i say… maybe… there was no dressed tours on… maybe it was just a person/staff looking out… and the ruffles just a shadow…

Ok, so it wasn’t tampered with… what does that prove? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

The picture was submitted by an individual as being a ghost. Who’s to say it wasn’t staged?
To say the picture wasn’t doctored does not exclude the fact that the scene wasn’t doctored…

The photo of the virgin Marry burned into a piece of toast wasn’t doctored either… that doesn’t mean it’s really her

humans look for faces in all shapes… its fact… we see shapes… our minds try to make sense of them


this is actually hardwired into our brains.

Pictures so damn small I can’t really make anything out.

Here you go…

Now that I see the full picture, I am 100% convinced that there are real ghosts… the picture proves it beyond any doubt, it couldn’t possibly be anything else.


Here are the top ten submitted photos

Hauntings: Experiments

I like the thought of ghosts being there. I have a whole bunch of people that I miss that are “passed on”

and this is the reason mankind invented religion. To make you feel better about the unknown.

It looks like a clown in really muted colors to me. And really flat looking, though that might be the dark background causing it.

You think I don’t know that? I’m a catholic :wink:

im not convinced


How the hell can people tell he’s in “period dress”??

[quote=“RecklessTim, post: 1076635”]Here are the top ten submitted photos

Hauntings: Experiments[/quote]

If you look at 90% of those and not with the explanation along with it. You don’t see a fucking thing, or just see the same thing you always see if you take a long exposure photograph.
But look at the explanation beneath, suddenly, it’s… “oh yeah!”

Is the picture real? I dunno… Does that hinder my beliefs and interest in the reality that ghosts could be real?


most of them are caused by long exposure pics