Is this site dead now?




why would it be dead ???


Im sure tazzy can whore another site its not a big deal.


I love you too Matt :fu :fu


Holy shit Jan you’ve got like 2,000 posts!?!?! :o


Don’t pick on T!! lol.

T, I love you!


Yeah, T can whore anywhere. :owned


Re: RE: Is this site dead now???

[quote=slo6banger]Don’t pick on T!! lol.

T, I love you![/quote]


I think I must have missed the point of the entire thread. :dunno

Me= :tard though, so it’s probably okay. :lol :lol


i aint been here for a while but this site aint dead


definally not dead!!


I have this theory that when moddedmustangs really picks up, and starts to attract more people, offtopicz will meet its end. It can be prevented however.

You see, when mm gets lots of members, and regulars, thats where everything is going to happen. Especially with the noobs over there. When they have an offtopic section on there why would they want to take the time to register for a completely diffrent forum just to make an offtopic post?

Perhaps when ppl click on offtopic over there they chould be directed too offtopicz. That way not only would offtopicz live, it would grow as mm grows. Just a thought.


^^^^^ that is what he is going to do :slight_smile:


Kickass :rock :rock :rock


yeah beer boo lois! :tard


I just farted and it smells like something died :tard