Islam’s ideology is immoral to its core - should we declare war against it?


Tell me did declaring war against the idea system of Nazism reinforce it? Or did it grow to the point that it did because of our unwillingness to act?


Hitler would not agree.

Do you agree with the notion that for evil to grow, all good people need do is nothing?



1Peter 1:20 0 He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.

If Yahweh, a genocidal son murderer who also tortures and kills innocent babies and children chose Jesus to die, he also had to choose who would kill him.

As to the morality of such a process, I let this bishop speak for me.


Arabian Paganism is a FAR bigger influence (the Kaaba was an idol holder for many “gods” until Muhammad got rid of the rest and left only “allah” who is actually an arabian Moon god).


Well the bishop does NOT speak for me or Mormon Theology.

We all chose christ before the creation. Christ death was justified by Eternal laws of Justice, a sin offering for all mankind, the lamb on a grand scale. (thus we no longer sacrifice lambs as sin offerings.)

He has it all confused and screwed up by the paganistic trinity ideal. Since by their logic Yahweh sacrificed himself to himself lol

The atonement was the overcoming of both spiritual and physical death by Christ under the guidance of the Father. His literal and spiritual father.Taking place in both the garden and then the resurrection. The reason Mormons dont have crosses on our churches is because we celebrate his life, not the way he died. If he had been shot would be all have AKs on our churches or Swords.

The atonement is a deep theological disagreement among many.


We didn’t declare war against Nazism. The war was because of the Nazis, but we instead chose to make war, and continually say we were making war, against Germany. The country, not the ideology. Tell me, how many liberal, non-anti-semitic Germans did we galvanise against us unintentionally by refusing to make that distinction? How many of the Nazi’s political opponents might have joined us if we had made clear it was the ideology, and not the country, that we were opposed to?


It didnt matter considering they were drafted to fight against us whether they wanted to or not. Also we called it Nazi Germany for a reason, we also fought against Imperial Japan.(who were just as bad if not worse than the Nazis.) We were fighting against genocidal Emperors intent on conquering mankind.


No, we were fighting men, women and children who happened to have been born into the wrong country when the wrong leader took power. War 101: If at all possible, defeat your enemy outside the field of battle. Perhaps by assassinating him before he gets his hands on an army.
Also, we called it Nazi Germany because the paramilitary organisation that ran the coup was called ‘the Nazis’. Not because Germany as a whole was eager for totalitarian nordic-aryan race wars and death camps, but because the leadership was. A leadership that, in my view, should have been extinguished when the Nuremberg laws were passed. Instead, we waited so long we had to kill millions of people to do the same thing that one well placed bullet would have done much more easily.


I agree that anyone who thinks that Islam is an OK religion is bonkers at best, deliberately subversive at worst, and that the general populace needs to start acting on this, and start a ‘war of words’. However, this cannot come from government and must be purely a grassroots movement because government must be secular in its matters and protect the liberty of the individual. If by the constant scrutiny and righteous anger we can slowly remove and educate Islam out of existence, that would be great, but to enact a war on an ideology from government would be infringing on rights that we cannot afford to sacrifice.


How much does the local Masjid pay you to shill for their Islam on YouthDebates? That seems like your only purpose to be here.


Bro, all I do is argue for a bit of social freedom, in the same way the majority of people in this country would, and point to the actual reality rather than the myth. Besides, I debate loads of things other than religious freedom. Do you have any purpose to be here other than to argue why all Muslims are the devil incarnate?


What reality do you live in? One in which foreign hits on democratically elected politicians on the presumption that they might have become a dictator would have decreased the popularity of National Socialism in the run up to Hitler’s rise to power, one in which the assassination of Hitler after he was widely accredited with bringing Germany back up on it’s feet after the depression would have made National Socialism less popular, or one in which we magically assassinate Hitler during the war despite multiple assassination plots from by people within Germany already failing?


Christianity is just as immoral as Islam, but most first world Christian countries don’t pay as much heed to the parts we believe are wrong. The idea of going after a religion is wrong because not every Muslim (for example) follows every part of the Quran. It’s also quite ethnocentric to say that Islam is immoral, since that is just from your perspective, without taking into account a Muslim’s perspective.


Let’s not pretend we haven’t been at war with Islam for the past 1000 years though, right? Truth is the militant sections of Islam will always be attempting to terrorise the west, it’s the offspring of growing up in a literal warzone.

Can we wage war on a political ideology? You can try, but I’d imagine it’d just lead to more extremists. The change has to come from the Muslim community itself, I mean look what what happened last time we decided the Middle East needed some freedom.

Some of the tenants of Islam are just so backward and idiotic to any westerner, and what’s more shocking is the same people who fight for things like women’s rights and the such are the same people who staunchly defend Islam as if they are blind to the fact women are second class citizen in Islamic communities.

Leave the backward side of Islam alone (Arabian Pennisula), and let’s hope western Muslims create a freer, more palatable breed of Islam whilst they are over here. There’s no redemption or hope for those born and raised in Qatar let’s be real. Keep backward thinking Islam where it belongs, somewhere in the desert thousands of miles away from the free world.


You know that Jesus is one of Islam’s most respected prophets, right? (Called Isa). Islam teaching encompasses Christianity and Judaism. It just has one more prophet than one and two more than the other, whose teachings are most respected


I’ve only criticized the evils of ISLAM. (Islam isn’t a person you muppet…)


It takes far more than paganism in arabia than any of the abrahamic religions.


Nope, if you think they are equal then you are very uneducated on the religions.

Jesus wasnt a violent conquerer with child brides. Nor do they regard him as the son of god and likely tell quite a different story. Either way they hold Mohammeds violent example above Jesus and “The People Of The Book” as they call christians and Jews.(Whom Mohammed beheaded throughout his life)

Stop the morally equal BS because thats like saying Hindus and Buddhists are exactly the same. They are not, to think they are is a sign of being woefully uneducated on the matter. Ideologies are not equal, nor are moral codes.

And no it doesnt matter their perspective, you got to stand up for your own. There must be a reformation in Islam as this Muslim born women advocates.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali (the woman who made this video) is an apostate from islam (now atheist). Literally no one in the islamic world will follow her wishes. Also islam has had reformations. The result has been things like Wahhabi islam…


The video says “If Muslims want to live in Western countries, they’ll have to appreciate that our freedoms are not optional”. Do you not think this is the case already?