Islam’s ideology is immoral to its core - should we declare war against it?


This is how widespread Sharia law is.


Wouldn’t declaring a war on Islam require going against American Muslims?

Look at that place that says below “Amendment I”


Does the Free Excercise of religion allow one to violate or attempt to violate others basic rights? No.

One can practice their religion as long as it is in accordance with constitutional rights of course. Sharia law is not compatiable with the US Constitution. It is as simple as that.

Unless they renouce it. Then if you bring them in great enough numbers into a democratic system, you will have to fight many legal battles. Lets make it something simple like food. The way islamic cultures prepare their meat is considered a violation of animal rights in the US. There is a ton of conflict.


The majority of the 3.3 million American Muslims would agree with all that you just wrote. They almost all identify with the stars and stripes before their religion, and that’s absolutely how it should be.

In that scenario, I expect most Muslims would import Halal meat from abroad. But surely halal/kosher isn’t banned in the US, considering the combined size of the Muslim and Jewish populations?


Thats really one of the biggest things. Muslim American or American Muslim.

The current laws do not according to my knowledge.(though I do not know every states laws.)
How many there is should have no effect on the law if you know what I mean. Unless there should be excemptions to the law, but then again shouldn’t the law be applied equally to all? It is a complex legal paradox that people are on both sides of.


Most Muslims in America are NOT terrorists, and DO NOT break the law, and most Muslims DO NOT follow sharia law.

Here’s another way to think about it:
Should we go to war against Christians because of the existence of the Klan?


All 1 Billion of them?
Are you feeling suicidal?

(This is a joke, if you can’t tell.)


NewsFlash: No one is afraid of any of the refugees being apart of the KKK or WWBC. Neither of which have launched any terror attacks internationally. .00001 or so percent of christians are with them worldwide.

Islams radical sects however is a thousand times larger. So let me say it very simple, a few thousand is not equal to hundreds of millions.

Now we are mainly talking in the US about if we want to take in Muslims from nations were in the high 90% range support sharia law. In fact just about all Muslims have a view of Sharia you cannot seperate them.

If you think about it

In Russia nearly HALF of the Muslims there support making sharia law the law of the land. Meaning stoning, Death if you leave Islam, whiping and cutting off hands of thiefs. So yes it is a considerable thing to think about when you look at the trends of thoughts in these nations where people are fleeing from.


I’m going off statistics, your going off irrational talking points. There are no reputable polls that I know of in the US that back your claims.

All I’m saying is if Muslims in the US do not harbour such feelings. Great, lets keep them. But Muslims in other cultures and nations clearly do harbour negative feelings toward our nations and culture and should not be allowed in when we should be using those resources to help our own people first.


Seems to me that every time we “declare war” on something it always gets worse. See War on Drugs, War on Terror/


A fair few are actively enforcing it in Russia. Like Chechnya (where many muslims live) is allowed to have their own (sharia) law system.


One in which, instead of allowing Germany to continue to exist after WW1, we did the sensible thing and split it up between the allies, thereby removing its ability to be an effective threat. ‘Popular German nationalists’ would therefore be domestic terrorists. Or, even better, liquidated the army and destroying all the arms. Then maybe the SA wouldn’t have been available to run Hitler’s first coup.
Hitler was democratically elected Chancellor. He then lit the Reichstag on fire, ran a coup and made himself a totalitarian dictator. And National Socialism was not popular. Hitler was. ‘Nazi Germany’ was a personality cult. Take off the head and the body will die.


All of that is much different from your original assertion of “just one bullet”.


I believe, like most religions, there are some morally incorrect bits of scripture in the Quran, however, I don’t believe a so called “war,” is the solution. I believe a push for reform, and personal (and peaceful) interpretation of the scripture would benefit us all greatly. This could, at least in part, be attained, or rather aided by helping the spread of education and literacy in the middle east, as a more educated populous would be slower to violence, and perhaps more scrutinizing of rather morally dubious segments of scripture.


The thing is people we could take over. By one simple thing by all rising as one an standing for the name of (FREEDOM). Islam is not welcome in England never has been an never will be. Are government is weak an pathetic to say no. They rather listen to the same people who coursed the first two world wars. They refugees in who!! (Rape are women an children they demand there way off life.) I can go on an on all day


So why do you think all refugees are raping women and children? You do realize not all refugees are even muslim?


Everything I have seen. It is not right men an boys no women or girl just men why? Think about theses (refugees) or shall I say muslims. they flee from there homes really! Come over course panic to the people off England. I only ask for people to stand up an not be scared. Your not being racist your fighting for your right. I just can’t fcking stand it are government is sitting by an watching. If I was in charge it will be a totally different story


So you’re basing your perception of an entire group of people on anecdotal evidence? And I don’t know what you’re talking about, plenty of women and children are refugees. And of course they are fleeing from their homes, they’re currently being bombed and burned.


I don’t care about them I care for the people off England an for are children’s futures. If you had kids brothers sisters you will feel how I feel. Are country has gone to fck an we need out it is simple as that an yer every fcker we have let in the majority off them have done something. I CARE FOR THE PEOPLE OFF ENGLAND NOT OTHER ETHNICS FROM OTHER COUNTRYS I sorry to sound d horrible mate but this his how I feel towards theses refugees mate


True enough. But the argument still stands that before Hitler came along, the NSDAP was a fringe organisation, propelled to success only by his charisma and political skills. If not for him, likely today no-one would have even heard of the Nazi party.