Israel vs. Palestine


Who’s side are you on? Why?


Well I’m on both sides, though I lean more towards Israel, because Jews have lived there for a long ass time, and I have an aversion to Palestine.

That said, I support a 2-state solution, and I’m quite happy to recognise where either side slips up.

Israel (in my view at least) is much more defendable than Palestine, however.


both sides, kicking israel out wouldn’t make sense, they were given the land, but they earned the right to stay there through constant war, and becoming a major player in the middle east. Palestine just doesn’t mesh with israel, and should be separate to avoid conflict.


I lean more toward Palestine but I agree with the other guys, Israel obviously deserves a right to exist. However, it’s force used against Palestine is completely disproportionate and extreme.


I dont pick a side , but one thing that this is not comparable to is the irish vs british, we the irish did not want the extinction of our enemies we just wanted our own land and to be left alone, the palestinians want to purge the world of jews, and a majority of them do not want peace but more war with israel, there is no right or wrong side here in my eyes, i just see two peoples who want each other gone and both guilty of countless unspeakable acts that no person should ever do.

But this conflict shows the darkness that collectivism entails, morality and sense of humanity for both sides has broken down,


I want to relocate half of the United State’s nuclear arsenal to that area by overnight packaging on odd days, on even days I would totally sign up for a crusade.


I don’t really pick a side. But we should be bombing the hell out of Hamas. They are dreadful.


Do you mean that literally?


Yes. They are literally the worse.


Wouldn’t literally bombing them hurt a ton of innocent people?


Think about the costs of inaction.


Isn’t there a better way of approaching the issue? Wouldn’t bombing Hamas hurt/kill just as many, if not more, people?


Of course it would.


Their demands are purposefully so unacceptable so that one would not be able to negotiate a deal with them. There comes a time for action, and unfortunately when the right time strikes we must take it. They would only accept a ten year truce, with ridiculous demands. They wouldn’t even recognise Israel, it is apparently a “red line”. So it is clear that any peace that we could have would be short lived and just give them an opportunity to grow and be better prepared/infiltrate. We don’t even know if they would live up to the truce.

Hamas are a horrible group. Civilians are an unfortunate casualty of war. The only thing we can do is to minimise it.


Two state solution. I don’t mind Palestinians or Isrealis, just their governments.


Would it really be minimizing casualties? Wouldn’t the bombs do more damage than Hamas?


Yes, yes we would. As per the groups charter, they are committed to the destruction of Israel. Israeli people are forced to build bomb shelters in every home, school, playground because of the attacks by Hamas.

How about the severe human rights abuses, that we just ignore?

If our countries were being bombed we wouldn’t simply sit by and watch. We would attack despite the risk of civilian casualties. Our ally (who aren’t perfect but a hell of a lot better than Hamas) is asking for help.

The reason why Hamas have such high civilian casualties is because they fire their rockets from residential areas which get fired back at. It’s a PR stunt, which they are using human lives to do. Literally using children as a product of war. In what kind of world do we live in where we just allow this to happen?

If we could, I would prefer Western boots on the ground.


Palestine is occupied and it’s people are oppressed, they have a right to be free. Israel should never have been created, it’s a product of religious political extremism and the failure of the arrogant British colonial paternal mindset. However, it does exist, and the only way a peaceful solution can be worked out is if we recognise that it has a right to continue to exist. I think Israel need to back down and remove their settlements in the West Bank and give more privileges to Palestinians, and Hamas need to reevaluate their aims in terms of realism.


And how would bombing the area fix anything? Instead of Hamas doing the damage, we would be doing it.

We would be harming millions of innocent Palestinians. Imagine how Muslim countries could use that as an excuse to be more uncooperative with us.


Now you’re just strawmaning. You don’t bomb “the area”. You bomb strategic locations, such as HQs etc. You don’t go around bombing random buildings.

You’re exaggerating figures.

We bomb in Iraq, they say nothing. We bomb in Syria, they say nothing.

You haven’t answered most points. You don’t let regimes like this stay alive and growing - for good reason. Your thinking would lead to inaction prior to WWII.