Israel vs. Palestine


The existence of Jews in Palestine predates the existence of Palestine as a country and Islam as a religion. That in itself is more than enough to justify that Jews must be allowed to stay and live there in peace. What is unjustifiable is the expansionist ideologies of the Israeli government and their constant attempt to kick out the Palestinians from their land. The Israeli special forces destroyed, killed and forced Palestinians out of their own homes. Furthermore, they attempted to invade Lebanon and successfully invaded parts of Egypt under the excuse of “National Security”. This violates the following international laws:

Article 6 of the Charter Provisions of the Nuremburg Trials

(a) Crimes against Peace: namely, planning, preparation, initiation, or waging of a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the foregoing;

(3) Crimes against Humanity: namely murder…deportation, and any other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war…in execution of or in connection with any crime…whether or not in violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated.

  1. 1907 Hague Regulation Convention (XI) Relative to Certain Restrictions with Regard to the Exercise of the Right of Capture in Naval War

Chapter II – The Exemption from Capture of Certain Vessels

Article 4. Vessels charged with religious, scientific, or philanthropic missions are likewise exempt from capture.

What they did was engage in acts of war using weapons of war in international waters against vessels that are protected not only in peacetime but also in times of war. Israel has therefore committed both crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.
That being said, the Israeli Zionist perspective is ironically similar to the success of the Nazi party in which they both believe that they are the chosen people by God. History repeats itself but this time through Israel and no one is saying a thing.


Earlier Jewish state standing in line
Leaves line for 40min
Some other random person comes in and takes the spot
One of the earlier Jewish states kids comes along
Sees the Palestinians in line and then kills them and rapes their family


I find it extremely easy to agree with what Oli said here. Does everyone else here agree?


None, if the Jews want to genocide Muslims let them, if Muslims want to genocide Jews, let them. The strongest will survive; the West has no reason to interfere in such conflicts.

To be honest I say we (Civilized Westerners) destroy the holy sights and then leave.


Eh tbh I side more with the Israeli’s, but I think we should just let it be. If the palestinians want part of Jerusalem let them try and take it, if they can’t owell.


“It doesn’t matter that there is a genocide going on and they have no escape cause we love in a dog eat dog world. Fuck them”


how about no? This isnt the stone age you cretin


It is not our place to dictate what other nations choose to do. What do we have to gain? Nothing. Israel is a drain on the US and I see no reason to keep funding it.


Genocide isn’t covered under national self determination, in fact national self determination ironically requires intervention from other nations to uphold and at least some international cooperation.


We should either support genocidal Jews or genocidal Muslims; I reject that notion. It is ugly yes, but I do not care what other people think, I only care about the security of our nation and the proper utilization of our citizen’s tax money.


It’s immoral and irrational, imagine if it was you who faced genocide , and the rest of the world ignored you


So it is immortal to step in and assist one of the parties that is going to genocide the other? No, it is immoral to support two immoral parties. The United States of America has no reason to shoot Palestinians for wanting their land back, but we have nothing to gain for shooting the Palestinians. Inaction is our best action to take in this disgusting situation the United Nations set-up.



where did i state this, (immoral*)

how about we convince them not to kill each other? Weve done it with other groups

Aside from imperial benefit of having israel as a loyal ally.


A loyal ally that contributes nothing, we already have a place in the Mediterranean for our Navy. Israel is a dust bowl in the middle of a hostile, anti-western area; it is unneeded to be there.

United Nations, Resolution 108. United Nations ratified it.

In your previous post.

Convince them not to kill each other; like we did with the Serbs? You know the people who still want to murder everyone? I have two problems with Interventionist ideals, it is ineffective and it is expensive. We have wasted more than enough tax payer money to keep Israel on life support when we could spend that money on our own military, infrastructure, or just not have as high a tax.


Your military, its strategians, its politicions and everyone else involved evidently disagree with you, they all by the way have billion dollar level stakes in it.

The uk owned the territory and gave it to israel in that fashion in the first place, the uk france and the USA were the most influential UN members of the era as well

Where in my post said we had to choose sides.

We bombed them and did nothing for the conflict.

Its not “they want to murder everyone” its a question of the exitence/legitmacy of the serbian state, it had literally only existed for a few seconds. Nuanced history isnt the strong suit of facists though.

Israel won a serious war by itself before committing to the west, a war that had several fronts. I

Again your imperial leaders, who are not doing this for shits and giggles disagree.


No? The military gains nothing, we have Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan as territorial deployment areas, we have bases in the Mediterranean in other countries like Spain, our strategists (I’m assuming market and military ones) don’t really have much to say, the market for Israel is negligible and the cost to continue to support them just for our military is pretty lopsided, our politicians just say what the Israeli Super PACs tell them, not what the people tell them (Democracy is a joke when it allows for lobbyists), everyone else involved are the Israelis who need our money. We the people of the United States of America have no reason to shoot Palestinians, we have no reason to provide funding so Palestinians can get shot.

The UN ratified the deal, if the UK just said so, then the Palestinian people would have just taken the Israelis out forcefully, however the newly settled Israelis had the backing of the three large world powers. Anyways the point is one of semantics.

When you insinuated we need to enter the conflict to prevent genocide. If you were saying we shouldn’t join the conflict you would agree with me.

We did a little more than that, and we are still there doing a little more than that.

Serbia existed prior to the first world war, it has existed more than “literally only… a few seconds.” Yes it was annexed into Yugoslavia but it existed way before that. To say otherwise is a disgust generalization of the proud Serbian people and their heritage (They literally started a world war because of this).

So we need to pour money into their pocket? This isn’t a question of legitimacy to me, it is does it have a reasonable return on investment; I don’t see one.

My Imperial leaders aren’t good Imperialists, if we had it my way we would either Annex Israel and create an American Empire or stay the hell out of it. They may as well be a territory of the United States of America, as we pump enough money into it. Also I don’t hold much reverence to my leaders as they’re currently just puppets of the lobbyists and degenerates.

Internationalism is, in my opinion, one of the greatest threats to the West and the United States. This is why we elected Trump, sadly he isn’t really an anti-Internationalist, but he is a step in the right direction.


I support Israel’s right to exist and their claim to Jerusalem. However, I also support Palestine as an independent state and the removal of Jewish settlements along the west bank and in Gaza. If Israel used precision strike teams against Hamas instead of bombing civilian casualties would be much lower and we’d probably see a reduction in animosity between the two


They have the right to exist, sure, I honestly do not care about legitimacy in this case; however should the United States of America use billions of tax payer dollars to keep Israel afloat? No, we shouldn’t.


If they were to simply treat the Palestinians better then the UN would back them no problem. I do support Kurdistan, even if it means dumping US funds into the blooming nation. The Kurds have been fucked over for long enough and its high time they deserve their own nation state


I’m on no-ones side. Jews, Muslims and Christians have coexisted in the Holy Land for hundreds of years, at times far more peacefully than today. I think Israel has a right to exist, but then so does Palestine. It belongs to them both, and I would prefer a both/and approach. However, I acknowledge that this is almost impossible at this time, especially when both sides play hard-line.