It hurts!

my wrist is killing me!!.. i have a ganglion… which means i have damaged the cartilage in my wrist and the lubricating fluid is leaking out and making a lump on my wist… it comes and goes… this time is agony… i had to get my bf to undo my trousers so i could go to the loo… he had to put my bra on for me… it horrible!!

whos idea was it to invent clothes that require 2 hands to get them on or off?

i can help if needed pinky

lol! i thot you might be able to! it soo embarrassing i cant even go tot he loo on my own without getting andy to undo my button

Sorry to hear about this Pink

Hope you’re better soon

made you smile though:D

lol this is true! :smiley:

my boy/f had one of these before and went to the doc, the doc put a big medical book over his wrist and just smacked it down :yuk

gross I know but it never came back!!

yea the doc told me to get a big heavy book and drop it on it… she also said it will hurt like a bitch… judging by the paint im in when i just touch it… im not ready to do that just yet… in a couple of days when the pain goes away ill maybe get some 1 else to do it while i close my eye sand cower in terror

just ask someone to do it when your not expecting it, maybe when your asleep?
ouch that would be a horrible way to wake up

yea and if you dont do it right… u have to do it again… cringe

i think i had one of these on my elbow a few years back…it didn’t hurt though…what got rid of it was when i got jumped on my way home from the club one friday night…when i’d dealt with him and got home it was gone

mine hurts when it flares up… then im left with a lump for a few weeks… til it goes down again