It is Kilt Day

It’s Kilt Day!

Must see pictures of men in kilts.

You kilt the mood.

Did you wear a kilt today?

I have worn a lot of things in my life a kilt has not been one of them.

:frowning: you should… It would be hot.

men in skirts don’t turn me on :turninggay2::cheerleader::24:

Really? I had heard the opposite. :wink:

[quote=“AnitaBeer, post: 1083371”][/quote]
So every woman who goes pantyless underneath are really wearing kilts not skirts?

Very warrior like. Pillage the women and rape the fields.

I had to wear a kilt when I was tech ops at Dragon Con.

Black leather one.

All subsequent photos have been burned and photographers killed.

[quote=“Dana, post: 1083368”]men in skirts don’t turn me on :turninggay2::cheerleader::24:[/quote]:homo: :24:

i see what u did there… i think… :slight_smile:

Yea I’d let him pillage me and I’m not into men in kilts/skirts. :smiley:

and the picture with the Queen Elisabeth ? lol

do you know ?

I agreed with you and when I read the sign, well, yanno :wink:
I love ya Dana :slight_smile:

Some more for you Lexi:

[quote=“satinbutterfly, post: 1083380”]Some more for you Lexi: