Its 536am and i just had to break in


to my own fucking house… my roomate locked my door and i passed out on at a friedns place with out my keys so i had to but in my own damnwindow… what a shame…

how wasyou night?


well I kicked back a couple guinesses and won a new trophy…oh yeah I got my web cam working but its too advanced for yahoo so it only works on msn


Mr. Bacon, don’t rub it in that you STOLE my trophy from me! You punk-ass GOOBER! The wedding date has been postponed until I get my trophy back. So, with that being said, my night has been pretty dang swell. I’ve spent over 2 hours playing games on here and longer than that talking to that ham up there ^^… Oh, and I ate me some Nutter Butter Bites and drank me a Sunkist. It aint fair that my computer lags when I view cams, since Baconman got to see mine.

Sorry, tangent. I’m about to go to bed, too. I’m tuckered out.


oops…why did you have to postpone the wedding though… :wtf


haha!! Bacon is in trouble!!


thats crazy!! i thought i was the only one. i had to climb into my bathroom window wednesday night. i let someone use my house key and i forgot to put it back on my keyring. my bathroom window is about 3ft wide and it only open half the way, 3ft. i am not big at all, but i wasn’t small enough to comfortabley fit. i actually got cut on my back… i was feelin pretty nice that night, so i was laughing my ass off as i’m crawling through the window. i guess you had to be there.

i feel your pain brotha


How the hell can you drink Guinness, Bacon? Everytime I do I get the urge to spontaneously yell, “Brilliant!”


guinness is one of the only beers I like


Re: RE: Its 536am and i just had to break in

didn’t you just start drinking guinnes when i mentioned it in a thread a couple weeks ago? :rofl


no…the 3 beers I like to drink are guinness/coors light and pilzner


I am happy for you


well as long as you are








I already knew you were


Beeeeer is baaaad MmmmmKkkkk :booze


Bacon, Go suck on a hotdog you :gay boy :cool


Or this banana…




:lol :rofl :rofl :rofl