It's been 8 days


i quit smoking on the 18th after a 2+ pack a day habit for almost 40 years, never again, if i can do it anyone can.:smiley:


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Congrats… just be happy you’re not filling your lungs with tar anymore… like I am. :smiley:





that is awesome man. i wish my dad would stop smoking. hes been smoking since he was 16 and he’s 63 but only smokes maybe less then a pack a day. my neighbor that helped me get off of smoking used to smoke 4 packs a day. and he will never go back to it ever again. congrats.


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more time for :booze


im glad you quit. my uncle quit when he got emphasyma (sp) because he would have died if he continued


thank you all for your support , yeah after all the years i’ve smoked i can’t think of one good reason not to stop, i’m just glad my kidds never started , that would have hurt. :rock


Are you still doing ok


Re: RE: it’s been 8 days

[quote=horseshoeing]Are you still doing ok[/quote] day #9 it’s really strang it’s like somethings snapped in my head, i just don’t know how to explain it but i’m doing great and don’t even want one, god i feel good about this. :woohoo


Thats awsome


:banana congratulations


my son was right about one thing when he said there were alot of very nice people around here,i tip my hat to you all. :hug :usa :wave


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We have our moments :smiley:


This is are one moment


Thats awsome…i wish my mom would quit so bad…but congrats


Congrats! I see a lot of my friends parents just sick and sick and sick all the time because they smoke so much. My best friend’s mom just coughs and dry heaves all the time, it’s so sad.

But, overcoming an addiction is really hard- you just HAVE to want to quit and work hard. My dad was an alchy for 16 years, got in a bad DUI, and quit cold turkey. He’s been alcohol free for 8-9 years now. It’s hard on him, but now he doesn’t even think about a beer.


Congratulations on a job well done!
I dont know personally how you feel but where I work at they went to a smoke free facility in January and there was a lot of people who went on the patch and quite a few have quit all together. In fact, this one girl said she was having a bad day and started craving a cigarette and when she went to smoke one she said she gagged and it tasted nasty b/c she had been w/o one for 4 months.
I hope you can continue doing as well as you are now!


it seemed easy this time i guess i just had my mind made up and haven’t looked back, i’m just so happy with my self and i feel great for doing it, on another forum i’m on 2 friends are now saying that they are makeing this friday ther last day of smokeing because i quit, that made my day. :woohoo