It's been a while

So what are the goings on here at Otz? I’ve been gone for, like, a month. Nothing exciting really… just haven’t been online too often. So, spill it, how is everyone?

U slacker. :wink:

Me and My half of the family is doing great :slight_smile:

things are good I’m still king

Chillin man. I gotta bad case of misanthropy at the moment, other than that, things are pretty good.

I’m lovin life. Nice sig btw, Reaver.

Man I have more posts then you!
LOL welcome back I guess

Welcome back dude!:slight_smile:

welcome back!

welcome back by the way

reaver! whats up man!

::singing the theme to Welcome Back Koter::

thats an old tv show for those that dont know…

Me? I’ve been up to very little as a matter of fact. I have 13 hours of class a week (not very much) so I’ve actually been getting off my lazy ass and going to the gym as of late. other than that, me and 4 friends got a house to rent for next school year. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of photos for everyone once we get moved in later this summer. And it’s nice to see everyone btw. My posts are way down there, so you should all help me compensate by giving me rep. lol. Anyways, I’ll try to post occasionally, rather than leave for a month or two again. It’s nice to be back.

Welcome back