Its friday night

and there isnt much going on… :frowning: I feel like an old woman. :frowning:

well, no offence, but that might be because you are… :jk :jk :jk

lol there’s never anything going on…

have you heard of Les Miserables?

waves I’m here, though it is 2:50 am Saturday here! I desperately need to do some housework so I’m going to do some, interspersed with being on here.:slight_smile:

graons 3 am omg peter bleck…thats horrid…lol but im on here till that time too sometimes.

V. I feel ya…I feel like an old woman here too :frowning:

but at least hopefully otz will pick up tonight…umm is that sad to say :tongue:

me too V this sucks sitting home doing nothing, but I am drinking!!!

I’m here! let the party begin!

well i’ve been sleeping all day going to work at 12:00 tonight. don’t feel so bad…lol

No drink for me tonight, don’t get paid till Tuesday and I’ve just had to get the sky box fixed which cost £60!:frowning: Not worried about being up this late, I normally am a bit of a night owl. I usually don’t go to bed till 5 or 6 in the morning and then get up about 3 in the afternoon.

I’m at work now…I have the watch…

It’s almost 10 here and I kinda wanna go to bed so I can get up early to work on the house, but my dad won’t be here till 4 pm anyway. Not to say that my mom won’t show up at 11 or something. sigh

Anyway… whats new with you Veroniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiica? Had a chance to check that damn dryer yet? :slight_smile:

and today is the tiki bar opening which is kind of a big deal…and in 3 years in being here I never made to it once…I thought this was my year but they changed the watch bill while i was in NYC and now i have watch

I dont really feel old.

But damn I wish I had a life… pouts

we all suck ass here we sit on an internet forum on a friday night cries

eh party in the forums then :smiley:

Its not so bad, I could be down the pub getting into a fight with a brain dead chav who simply dosen’t like the way I look so I’d prefer this option, talking to a load of hot and great women on here!:wink:

if you’re bored give me a call because I promise you’re not nearly as bored as me

are you talking to Peter :slight_smile:

Haha! I said WOMEN, Bacon!:wink: :jk

Hey I already went to the bar and mingled with people tonight. :slight_smile:

Now I want to be home, sitting here doing nothing since I worked until 5:30 and had been driving around all day.

Anyone wanna give me a call? I can listen!

I’m talking to anyone who has my number and wants to give me a call