It's official, due to a mishap

Easter is canceled this year

i know i shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help it :24:

awwwww my flashing bunny was better :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to see that

Points for creativity to whoever did that, but :frowning:

BUT BUT BUT that’s what happened to him last year! People just have no heart I tell you!

OMG no eggs for Easter

Well if the sum bitch would look both ways first this may quit happening. Not to mention his uncontrollable need to steel Chicken babies before they hatch!! And the coloring of the kidnapped would be fowl youth shells is just sickening. You ask me, it’s Karma on the bunny.

That sucks. :thumbdown

NOW we know why the chicken was crossing the road…she was running from the easter bunny! :24:


Or trying to get her kids back! :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“SammyStephens, post: 1089540”]LOL!!

Or trying to get her kids back! :p[/quote]

HEHE tis true!

holy shit chickenass where ya been!!

I’ve been around, keepin busy.

How is the new job?

Its going ok, its work and Im so not going to complain about it! How about you anything yet?

Sadly no, things are goin slow, but elsewhere things have been great!

[quote=“SammyStephens, post: 1089530”]Easter is canceled this year[/quote]Makes ya wonder if whoever shot this pic took the time to pose the dead bunny or if it was the luck of the car that smeared it.

I give it a 10!:smiley: