It's starting to sink in


That my kids are growing way to fast for me lol. :smiley:
I just got off the phone with the school Michael will be going to kindergarten at because registration is tomorrow. Altough I’m very excited, because he’s so excited to start school, I’m also a little saddened. I think my heart stopped for a second when talking to the school. And this is just for registration.

He’s been to daycare so I’ve been away from him plenty that I’m used to it, but I didn’t realize it’s a totally different feeling just thinking ok this isn’t daycare anymore he’s actually growing up and starting school.

So yea I’m guessing his first day of school this fall will probably be harder on me than it will be on him. :24:

Anyone else going through this right now? I bet most who have remember exactly how you felt when you went through it…what was it like?

BTW after setting up his registration stuff for tomorrow I also had to call and make sure Aiden is still on the waiting list for headstart…AHHHHHHhh they are growing up so fast lol.


How old are your kids?


5 and 4.
I didn’t register Michael last year because I didn’t feel he was ready after he had a screening done and he would have been 4 for a few weeks at the start of the year. I’m glad I did though he seems alot more mature now and ready for school.


babies. They grow-up in such a hurry. One of the more recent hurdles for us was allowing our kids to ride with kids their age driving. That one was tough.


Not quite the same but the sense of not being needed so much anymore is very much there

My daughters will be 15 and 12 this summer and, particularly my eldest, has now developed her own views and her own interests that are very different to mine. I am quite proud of that, I’ve never made them love the same things as me and I hope that is the way to them becoming truly strong and independent ladies.

But the times I realise those days are over are soon replaced by the realisation that there are some fantastic days ahead to share with them and they’re always will be, regardless of how different it is.


It goes by way too fast…it seems like just yesterday he was a lil munchkin.
Thank God I stopped aging 15 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just talking to someone at work the other day, if you want time to fly…have kids because time flys by so fast when you have them!
My youngest started kindergarten this year. It was really hard. You wouldnt think it would have been that hard considering I have been thru with it with my 2 daughters but I guess it was a little different because he is my only boy and he is definately a mommas boy. lol
I couldnt sleep the night before he started kindergarten. I drove him to school and tried to give him a hug and kiss as he walked in but I think it embarrassed him. I cried as he turned and walked away, seeing his little self with his big backpack (that was just about as big as him) walking inside the school doors for the first time.
I wanted to call and check on him all day but I didnt.
When he got home that day he couldnt quit talking about all the fun he had and was ready to go back the next day.


My neice and Nephews are growing up quickly. It’s crazy.


I notice more and more each day how Dominic is growing up. I’ve been teaching him sign language and the other night he signed “more please” without any prompting and it was the first time he had ever put two sign together. He’s 15 months and while we’re won’t be actively potty training anytime soon, he does have a potty he sits on and actually used it last night (good timing on my part). I still can’t believe he’s walking and it’s been three months.


As soon as they start school, they grow up over night.

My 5 y.o started this year…I had mixed emotions.

He is starting his school life, while my middle girl is finishing hers (she is in Yr12)

Wait till they leave home for the first time and move 2000kms away…thats a killer


Just remember this:

[SIZE=“5”][COLOR=“Red”]A mother holds her children’s hands for a little while… their hearts forever.[/SIZE]


I know exactly how your feeling, my youngest is 4 and will be starting school in September.
He is really excited about it but I am dreading it, I can’t believe my baby is already going to school.

Just remember you will always be their Mammy and no matter how big they get that will never change.


Just wait until your son tells you he cant kiss you at school no more because its ‘uncool’. :frowning:


[quote=“Wookiegirl, post: 1079621”]It goes by way too fast…it seems like just yesterday he was a lil munchkin.
Thank God I stopped aging 15 years ago :p[/quote]

lol my mom was 29 till i learned to count :24:


It does go by too fast…it really does. Soleil is going to be 7 soon, which is so weird because she was only a baby last week, wasn’t it?