Ive been a busy bouyeee this weekend :D


Check out what Ive been doing this weekend. :smiley: All I have left is belts, hoses, fuel line and the driveshaft. Then I’ll be like>>>>> :gears





Ive gotten a lot more done since I took the pics. I’ll get some more tomorrow. :rock


Very noice, very noice indeed. How soon do you expect to have it road worthy?


I was hoping to be behind the wheel by Sunday night but funds ran low and now Im waitin on payday. Story of mah life! :dunno


good job!!! Nice shop area! :slight_smile:


Thanks V. I showed the pics to AliateX and he said the same thing. :smiley: He said he was jealous of the shop. I wish I could say it were mine though, It belongs to a friend of mine.


nice bossman, looks like its gonna be fun :gears


she likes your Tool area LOL


very nice dude, can’t wait to see finished pics :gears


What kind of power did you build her to?

High or low compression setup?

Looks bad ass thus far. :cool


Very cool Boss!!! I love a good build.
Is that an open bow boat I see in the background? glee I make custom N.O.S. for them. :rock
I’ll give you my plans for free…but no one else.


Good job Bossman! Hope everything comes to life for ya the first time…don’t forget the oil!


she likes your Tool area LOL[/quote]

fucker! lol. :slight_smile:


looks good :rock


Thanks everyone. :smiley: Im so excited I cant wait till payday rolls around so I can git er dun. Im figuring about 425-450 hp on 93 octane. .030 over flat tops, mucho headwork, BOSS crank and rods, TorkerII intake Im gonna use an 850 Demon as soon as the fuel line comes in but for now Ive got a 750 Holley on top. It will be totaly street legal and driveable. Hey Booze, N.O.S on a boat?!?! That has got to be insane! :rock Have you actually ran one yet?