Jbarroqueiro is a cheat!

Who thinks that jbarroqueiro is cheating how else could he have gotten such high scores so quickly. I mean his Avalanch score is some outragous number like 100,000,000 which is probably impossible for that game. What should we do about this or what can we do about this. Makes me mad because now I don’t feel like like playing games or tournies because he’ll just cheat and take the score. BASTARD!!!

well admin will see this thread and take care of it…I’ll send them a pm as well

I don’t know for sure…

I have been wanting to ask him how he manage to start getting alot of top scores, (15 so far), all in the past week or so. Maybe he figured out some secret to getting high scores?

He did say that there is a “glitch” in the Stick Avalanche game that allowed him to get that 100 billion score.

But, yeah, I’m wondering, too…:confused

there is a glitch in the stick avalanche game. But if you follow through with that gliche then basically you’re cheating and not doing the actual game on your own.

i’d give a shit alot more if you’d at least post in this forum .:wink:

admin has been notified

homer c’mon thats not nice

hahaha it was kind of funny though rep for homer

…but he winked at the end of his comment! :smiley:

oh ok then its alright

guess i’m not feeling nice today oh well spank me , it would be nice if befor people started bitching they’d at least post a bit.:smiley:

thats entirely too much ass to spank

i just got a really gross mental image in m head…yuk.

It’s kind of funny how this thread and icecuban’s thread entitled “arcade scores” were started 2 minutes apart…both about jbar…hmmmmm

i just like to see people give a little and not just take , how hard is it to say hi.:wink:

Hoping its not true cuz then we’ll have to burn jbarroqueiro at the stake for witchcraft, and nobody wants to see that.

Yeah, icecuban and I work together and after I posted mine I saw he posted one too. We do work in different buildings so it is actually really funny. Sorry I haven’t posted alot before, don’t have much to say!!!:slight_smile:

Yeah I kind of agree with Homer, if you guys are gonna get all flustered over this, at least post some on the boards.

Please talk to Homer…he’s begging you for a conversation…:smiley: