Jeep hurricane


has two hemis and can do a 360??

its cute… i think i want one :slight_smile:

Engine: Two 5.7 liter, 8-cylinder HEMI engines

[b]# Horsepower: 670 hp

Torque: 740 ft-lb[/b]

Transmission: 5-speed automatic

Curb Weight: 3,850 lbs (1,746 kg)

Length: 151.8 inches (385.6 cm)

Width: 80 inches (203.2 cm)

Wheelbase: 108.1 inches (274.6 cm)

# Wheels: 20x10 inches (51x25 cm)

Tires: 305/70R20 (all four)

# 0-60 mph (97 kph): 4.9 seconds

oh and it also has a 0 degree turning radius, and has 4 drive shafts…


it also does nice donuts… the two sides can have the wheels turn opposite directions :smiley:

you can see that in the video in the jeep link (click on ‘see reveal’)


Pretty shnazzy…i’m not a big fan of the interior though…sick how the axles work…

Imagine making a U-turn with this thing haha