Everyone here seems (it’s the Internet…) to be cool enough, but who are you, JOCK or NERD?

I’ll go first


In high school I didn’t fall into a specific category, I got along with damn near everyone. Now I’m both, since I’m in the Marine Corps, but I’m an Electronics Technician so it’s kinda both.


lol if you are an electric techinician, it’s OK. My Math teacher played running back for my school 6 years ago when they took state. Who’s a nerd or jock now :dunno ?


i am neither. Are these the only 2 categories that exist? Are you 12 years old or 13? Which one.


Which one is more of you, for your question, I’m still a fetus, thanks to my mother and her generosity, she let’s me use the computer when I’m out of my usual daily activities-feeding on.



I will proudly say nerd. I’m gothic, and at my school, goths are considered “freaks” so yeah…






Will you hurry up and die.


As soon as you stop rush hour traffic with your skull.



I guess I fit the Nerd category but I’ve been into allkinds of sport activities. Everything from rock climbing to Snowboarding to football, baseball. But Surfing has always been my sports addiction I guess


are you trying to take snipers place in this community?


Hey buddy, why don’t you stick broken glass shards up your ass and try to tap dance.



I really dont think someone in their 20s can be a jock or nerd… kinda more of a highschool thing…

Jock the people who pop their collars with their a&f polos thinking they are all that and more

and the nerds who sit there and play magic cards between classes


I dunno. I was tall and skinny with glasses, so everyone thought I was a genious. But I just wasn’t a good student, now I look back on my high school times and think “You fucking idiot.”

On the other hand I never played sports. IMO I didn’t fit into any category. I got along with most everybody in high school. I was the quiet guy in the back of the class who’d either be sleeping or drawing something.



I was thinkin the same thing


I edited the poll for those of us who have already done our time in public schools.


WTF is up with these posts man? First 2 dudes grab assing and you talking about how hot they are… then are you a Jock or a Dork?


I really don’t think I’m either when I was in H.S…there has to be something in between.


how about a 4th answer of who gives a shit? cause i sure could care less what people think of me.



i was neither a nerd or a jock in school. i was a badass or so i thought. and i have to know who are you in that picture.