Junkie beggars - should they be locked up?


My town is infested with these parasites, shouldn’t they all just be locked up for the double crime of drug possession and street begging?


Um I’m not going to go into the drug part, on the begging part it’s a bit harsh to lock people up for literally trying to survive? If you have many homeless in your area that might be because of local social cuts, I.e to foodbanks or hostels if thats the case consider voting for someone locally who will tackle that and invest more in homeless support?


Beggars regularly get themselves locked up so that they have a place to sleep and free food.


Of course, lock them up so your tax money goes to their feeding, housing, and medical care.
Why waste money on social programs so they can become contributing members of society when we can just throw them into prison and hope the problem goes away? (It won’t.)
Does a single thought ever go through your head that isn’t a waste of brainpower?


On the plus side if we fill up prisons with homeless people itll mean the majority of prisoners are no longer violent and prison unrest may decrease?


I’m in the Seattle area, and there are a crap ton of homeless people (it doesn’t help that cities literally send their homeless up here), and a big part of that is that housing is expensive as fuck.

@Someone who knows how this works

Would spending money on putting homeless people/beggars in jail actually make things worse?


Parasites? What are you, a piece of shit? God forbid a homeless person tries to get some money for food. I think those who should be locked up are those who act homeless and then return to their car parked down the road. Lock those fuckers up instead of locking some who is genuinely trying to get by.


they are virtually all junkies or winos, that’s why they beg - why should they be allowed to break the law in this way,. it’s not right

so you mean 90% of them then, glad we agree


yeah right, because heroin addicts make such good workers , duh , even if cleaned up for a temp slot


in the Philippines they just straight up shoot drug users, proven or not, hasn’t been working out so well for them, but it seems like your kinda country if that’s your philosophy

you literally just said these ‘junkies’ wouldn’t be able to hold a temp job, how would they own a car?
you can’t contradict yourself when it’s convenient and pretend your already shoddy argument holds


Or we could give them help to not be homeless drug addicts?


Did you do that awesome study by yourself or what? Give me a source for that percentage.


help? you mean the taxpayer should fund the lifestyles of these overentitled trash and actually pay social workers to ‘care’ for them WTF , these people should at least pay for their own rehab or be made to work it off somehow


easy to spot a junkie by facial expression and speech, winos even easier - and that easily 90%+ in most UK towns


Yeah, we’re done here.


You’d rather have the taxpayer fund their prison stay where they won’t have the chance to improve their lives?

Yeah, nevermind. No point trying to reason with anyone who says this.


of course because most of these people have ruined their lives already, no hope for them with some bullshit creative writing course - and yes, if you’re a crim you go to the slammer


I’m not gonna lie if I was made homeless I’d drink pretty heavily, I mean least it means you’re not cold?

Is there any chance that substance (legal or otherwise) abuse is increased because of the grim reality of homelessness and the desire to escape that reality?

To be honest I really struggle with people who cannot show empathy for those less fortunate than themselves. None of us know the reason every homeless person is in that position but I imagine their stories are varied and complex.

I highly doubt anyone “begs” then drives home, those people are buskers and street entertainers.


most of these folk beg for drugs or drink, this happens first then they get homeless, and yes, hordes of these fuckers actually have social hosing as well


Ok are you sure that they developed substance dependant before they became homeless? Have you spoken to them on that topic?

If they have social housing why do they sleep outside? I’m sorry forgive me but when I see a person asleep in the street I assume they do not have housing of any kind. Maybe you could enlighten me why people who have a bed available choose a pavement over it?