Junkie beggars - should they be locked up?


because they want to beg up money to buy heroin, this needs to be done on the street


Seeing as heroin can be provided by the police for free no need to beg https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/mar/05/durham-police-heroin-addicts-treatment-shooting-galleries

I repeat @Martina why would someone who has a bed sleep outside? They wouldn’t. Homeless people have lost a lot have sympathy, and don’t accuse them of all being junkies without proof. They have suffered enough without needing your unfounded spite as well.


Locking people up for the issues of a state is immoral.

  1. The state are at fault for most cases of homelessness in the first place.
  2. The state not providing help to get people back into work makes the need for people to beg, become depressed then take drugs as an escape. It’s not exactly hard to figure out.

So before the state spends a lot of money needlessly locking these ‘junkie beggars’ up, they should deal with the problem in the first place which will save them money by providing adequate shelter and an entrance to jobs.


‘junkie beggars’ was the title here - many pretend to be homeless so that people feel sorry for them and give them money for drugs under flase impressions

and why the fuck should the taxpayer fund free heroin?? who is paying for my gambling habit??


and just how employable are these people though, I mean would you give them a job at your coffee shop,no I thought not


Just because we are not all as selfish and morally bankrupt as you doesn’t mean we all think alike.

Yes, I would employ a ‘junkie beggar’ at my business as long as they have the correct qualifications. Junkie beggars won’t even be ‘junkies’ or ‘beggars’ anyway because they will have housing and education. People can reform even if it escapes your mind.


yeah right, and that’s likely isn’t it…lol


The so called ‘junkie beggars’ you speak of do have an education, just they were forced onto the streets and into drug use due to unemployment or other issues.

Seen as education is mandatory till 18…


no one forces you to be a junkie in the first place, it’s a lifestyle choice


Depression leads to drug use. Science.


so what, doesn’t give you the right to be a criminal, posseess drugs or harass people on the street for spare change, or stink up the pavements


Criminals are so called because they have broken a code set by someone else. In the past being gay was a crime. Would that mean a gay person had the right to be a criminal? Laws can change and hopefully begging will not always be illegal.

I’d rather someone harass me for change than die of starvation or exposure.

Homeless people rarely smell bad enough to make a difference at street level, certainly the ones near me don’t any way.

Homelessness and drug use are certainly both problems in the UK I just hope the government tries to target the cause rather than simply persecuting the victims.


Rehabilitation and employment are better solutions than imprisonment, the state needs to take a firm hand and distribute land and buildings to the homeless as well as provide them with either jobs or the education necessary to pursue one.


and what kind of employment is a herion addict/street drinker likely to get???


I don’t know, that would depend on the particular person in question. The abstract image of an addict in your head doesn’t correspond to reality. People are much more multi-faceted.


would you employ them?


Would I employ them? I am not in a position to offer employment. I do however know people who drink heavily or who use drugs recreationally that have jobs. The only difference between some of my friends and your “junkie beggars” is the fact my friends have jobs and can afford a roof.

So yes these people could do work. The problem is to work you need proof of address… whilst some homeless people use drugs there is not a 100% overlap. Even where there is the drugs may have followed the homelessness not the other way around.

One thing I don’t understand @Martina is that you seem to lack empathy to an extent I’ve never seen before, honestly are you just trolling me and others and playing devils advocate for your own entertainment? If you are so be it, I have no trouble with that but I’d prefer to know.


yeah of course, beause using drugs ‘recreationally’ as you say, is just the same as injecting £100 of herion a day plus crack pipes…geez


hmmm…that must be society’s fault, nothing to do with the fact that these people are addicts, never thought of that