Junkie beggars - should they be locked up?


give over mobutu was 10x more articulate and well informed than martina


whatever happened to that poster anyway?


“Are there no prisons?”
“Plenty of prisons…”
“And the Union workhouses.” demanded Scrooge. “Are they still in operation?”
“Both very busy, sir…”
“Those who are badly off must go there.”
“Many can’t go there; and many would rather die.”
“If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”


Here’s the thing. Even if they’re addicted to drugs, if you can at least get them to a point where they can have a job, they will get one. They’re still manpower, and they can be paid minimum wage. That goes for something.

holy fucks

this is in the entertainment section

is this Martina’s way of telling us its a troll?


it wasn’t me that put it into this section!

anyway, jobs - jobs aren’t that easy to get for the unskilled , esp the older ones, so who is going to employ a junkie over a regular person, esp. with all the immigrant hordes out there


if that’s true, and you put it in a proper section and a mod changed it, shouldn’t it show in edit history?


You mean it wasn’t always in “Entertainment”?
I’ve asked around, but nobody has said anything about doing so yet.

I wouldn’t be against creating some form of incentive for companies to hire unskilled workers from within the borders before they accepted immigrant workers.


that’s a good idea, but would you try and impose a policy that forced employers to hire local druggies and drunks over good working immigers? can’t see that happening somehow


I wouldn’t try and force it, I think if anything it would just be some form of incentive for the company if they did it voluntarily.


an incentive?? such as what? surely you don’t mean taxpayer’s money


Why not? They do the same to incentive companies to hire apprentices.


why the fuck should the taxpayer fund criminals to live a life of dysfunction - why the fuck should these parasites get given a hand up over the truly needy?


>implying they wouldn’t use the help to improve their lives and break their addiction.


bleat bleat bleat - -most druggies just want more drugs, not naiive moralising from liberals

and what job will you give them , that is you personally or someone you know??



Hm, maybe any job that they’re capable of doing? Gee, that was hard…


so how will they account for their last 10yrs of a workless CV - ever tried getting a job these days purely on ‘making stuff up’ ? What jobs will take them