Just back from track ran 8 times


i got 2 motor passes in …11.30@123.62mph with a boren 1.699 60 ft…second motor pass…11.26@122.59 mph another boren 1.686 60 ft…ok nos time 3rd pass …10.19@138.41mph with a better 1.547 60 ft …4th pass 10.21@138.22 mph better 1.520 60 ft …5 th pass new bottle…all most hit gaurd rail when into other lane got out of the grove…i stayed in it …10.36@135.76 mph better 1.494 60 ft…6th pass…10.09@138.01 mph. even better 1.448 60 ft time…7th pass…10.09@138.73 mph. 1.484 60 ft …8th run …missed 4th gear got trans problems now got to pull trans i think i broke the disc…that time was 10.49@126.35…1.507 60ft…well i’ll pull trans later this week …it make weird noise going up on tralier got around block when i got home made it around my block in my drive way before it didnt pull any more…well im happy with those times,track was not preped good…i was the fastest car at the tack tonight…that croud loved me…well new clutch than going to the other track there they vht the track …my friend said i would have been running 9s there for sure…newer track …till next time…im out…scan slips tommorrow …im tired…ALSO I PULLED THE WHEELS HIGHER IN 2ND GEAR THAN 1ST,A FOOT …MY VIDEO CAM DIDNT WORK TO NIGHT,FUK




nice runs


Hot Dam! Nice runs, sorry about the Trans. Ever think about puttin a C4 or a built up AOD. I read that when your gettin serious horsepower above 400 hp. that manual transmissons tend to break more often and that you dont get consistant times. Suppose it all depends on the driver to.


i think its only the disc…no time to take out right now… that guy was checking my ride out…you see the number they gave me…666 the beast…number…http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y193/hotrodmanII/100_0090attracknumber666.jpg


:banana http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y193/hotrodmanII/100_0089track408motor.jpg



this guy was running 11.30shttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y193/hotrodmanII/100_009270fastbackbpic.jpg


looking good nos


my uncle’s drag car looks close to yours. he bought a fox body cobra white w/ red interior to drag about 8-9 yrs ago. he started by rebuilding the engine all performance (i dont have his mod list but he has it all) and he painted it gloss black, nothing in the interior except a racing seat, roll cage, NOS bottle and a sylvester the cat stuffed animal for good luck lol. and now he has an alluminum drag wing and i think hes getting a chute to help out his brakes after the run. he says that if he didnt race hed have extra money for other stuff like boats and shit. he is also always joking about how we should throw one of his 3 spare engines in my car with a 5 speed… that would be sweet.
your car reminded me of his lol

good runs man. nice ride.


Hey NosMan, What size is the Demon? I gots an 850 speed demon on mine motar. :smiley:



[quote=Bossman351]Hey NosMan, What size is the Demon? I gots an 850 speed demon on mine motar. :D[/quote]thats a 1000 cfm demon