Just bought a grille

For 0 dollars! BWAAA

I was sittin here playin sim city 4 and my friend calls and says “remember that grille I told you about yesterday that was in the yard for 50 bucks? Well, it says free now.”

I got all giddy, cleaned out my van, jumped in and went to grab it. Now all I need is some grilling accessories, a tank of propane and some mutha fuggin NY strip steaks. mmmm

… TheOriginalCrunkJames?

technically you didnt really buy it it was was free James :slight_smile:

I left monopoly money in the mailbox. :tongue:

aww James now you wrecked the whole game

Yeah, but now they’re rich. I put in a couple 500 notes!

Nice find. Enjoy it.

lmao james did you really leave monopoly money :tongue: you silly

haha nah I was just messin. I don’t even have monopoly.

Well, what’s the first thing you’re going to grill on it?

NY Strip steaks from Scott’s grocery stores. accompanied by chips/dip and some Kens Meat Market Baked Beans (best beans ever…)

Probably/hopefully/maybe this weekend… depends on if I can afford to pick up some grilling accessories.

End of month = bills, bills, more bills, and lots of bills.

w00t, cookout at James house this weekend

ill bring the keg

Comon over. :smiley:

Ill bring the tunes

I’ll bring the cars because I’m the only one that obviously has the best.

i love bbq… yummm

mouth waters

[quote=“Jersey, post: 317831”]i love bbq… yummm

mouth waters[/quote]
I can tell. :smiley:

i’ll bring the keg!

:24: My 92 GT was about 2/10ths slower than your ZX2. :slight_smile:

who overinflated your ego incorrectly tonight or are you just drunk?