Just curious but


who changed my title and what happened to my sig. :smiley:


nothing happened to your sig… as for your title, I cant tell you who changed it LOL


You need to get laid dood


thats cool. i understand. :smiley: but i actually dont see anyone sigs. maybe somethings wrong with my computer :dunno


I dont have a sig


Re: RE: Just curious but…

:wtf who said im not getting laid. LOL i never said i was or wasnt so i dont understand


its obviouse your not


just curious but how is it obvious. just want to know cause your right im not getting laid right now. am i saying really lame stupid shit.


haus… check your profile settings… something about showing signatures or something like that:

Always enable Smilies: Yes No
Show Avatars in Topic: Yes No
Show Signatures in Topic: Yes No


thanks man, that fixed it.


no problem :cool