Just for Bossman351


This is what you should do with that '65 Nova I traded ya!!!


Ssshhh…dont tell him, [size=1]but he aint spending no more $ on his cars[/size]. Aint that right redsMULLT1?


I am not able to confirm or deny this Ma’am… :booze :tard


:o Holy Jebuz dood!!! That looks like a damn small jet engine growing off the front of that lil ole small block. Gotta love the way they ran the headers upside down to make it all work together.


Now heeere is a nice LT1 turbo setup!
I wish I had this!!!





:badlink :badlink :badlink


They show up on my mochine… :dunno Hold on.


Start clickin mafawka!!!



While were on the topic of dreaming, I’ll tell you what Id LOOOOOVE to have. That is the exact setup that is in the darius 240Z. I would work it into the Nova. I bet the nova would be even lighter and harder to handle than the Z.


I dunno about lighter, but it would fit!!!


Hells yeah!! I seen that one on your puter when I was over last time.


:tard Oh


I want the truck in my avatar… Newspaper box hood scoop and all!!! :rofl


I seen that one. Its the shizz!!