Just got back from the go kart race (first one)!


didn’t go so great. :frowning: missed my first practice run trying to get a new header put on, i only made it past turn 2 the second prctice cause my damn chain broke. then on my qualifying heat i found out why my chain broke…my clutch was fuggered all to hell. rebuilt the cluth and went to go race. made it about 25 ft. and the darn thing messed up again. ARGGGGGGGhhhh…after the racing was over we threw on a stocker clutch and i got about 20 laps in. OMG it was so awesome. running about 65-70 on a 1/5 mile oval dirt track in a go kart is so fun. very tiring though. sorry such a long story about my night sucking. oh well, heres a pic of before everything went wrong. me in the white shirt with the white go kart, buddy from work is workin on the carolina blue kart.



sounds like fun… whens the next race?


Damn you have enough room to squeeze into that tiny thing? sounds like lots of fun. something of always kinda wanted to do.


yeah, barely enough room to squeeze into it, specially the seat, but once you actually get in its not too bad. next race is gonna be in two weeks i hope. it costs a lot to race. about 50 bux. plus all the food and drinks while your out there. but it was worth it. :gears


Re: RE: Just got back from the go kart race (first one) !!!

prolly just the drinks took 50 right?


no drinking at the track. i don’t drink much anyway…