Just my luck

I just got started painting my nails when the urge to pee hit me. Now I have to wait!



It suck! I just killed a gatorade and a glass of milk and a whole bowl of fruit so I REALLY REALLY have to go!

I hate it when that happens! :thumbdown

I use this: http://shop.avon.com/shop/product.aspx?from=product.aspx&newdept=&s=frooglesearch&c=google&otc=NAILEXPERTSLiquidFreezeQuickDrySpray&bnd=&pf_id=31000&level1_id=300&level2_id=301&pdept_id=313&dept_id=393

It works very well… especially in those types of situations… :wink:

I figured that is why women paint their nails sitting on the toilet. LOL!

I had something similar to that, but ran out. I may have to but some. i paint my nails almost every day. it’s both an addiction and my daily me time

If I’d planned ahead, I’d have probably done that! It hasn’t been that long since I went, so I really didn’t expect it to be so urgent!

Nothing like pressing matters

I hate when that happens.

I hear water running…

Does that help?


[quote=“RedRyder, post: 1079789”]I hear water running…

Does that help?

yer a meanie red :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“RedRyder, post: 1079789”]I hear water running…

Does that help?

:24::24: I was going to say “Think Niagra Falls” but I rethought it and didn’t go for mean. :D:thumbup

Dont think of a gushing warterfall hahahaha

I’m watching Goonies and they just found the ship, so plenty of water. I finally decided my nails were second priority. I didn’t mess any up though…

That awkward tug of panties while avoiding contact with finger tips is always tough. Glad you made it through though.

The knuckle hook and palm slide… yeah. Good stuff!

who said she had on panties?:eek

LOL, Yeah I guess that is what it could be called.

Good to know!