Just ordered chinese

so yeah I just ordered some chinese for dinner and the girl on the phone started to flirt with me…she was like I love your accent where are you from…I was like Jersey and she giggled and flirted away some more and kept on talking to me I was like so can I order and she was like oh yea sorry…craziness…there’s a first time for everything I guess…now I’m curious about what she looks like and if she’ll be the one delivering…hmmm

oh please shes probably like 16 Chris

what ya order?

I don’t knwo that she had a cute voice on the phone…but that can be very decieving…we did have a hot delivery girl from papajohns last week…that was very nice…

it’s all a scam to get you to keep ordering pizza from there. i’ve never heard a jersey accent called sexy, maybe its just b/c im a new york boy

I got sesame chicken and steamed dumplings my roommate got sweet and sour chicken

mori said he ordered the cream of sumyunguy…hahah j/k

ohhh werd. sounds good. i may have to get some chinese soon. ive been craving for some General Tso’s Chicken

chicks down here dig the accent

oh the accents all good :slight_smile:

in that case, order a meatlovers from pizza slut :tongue:

there isn’t a near by pizza slut my options are dominos and papa johns…I usually get papa johns…the lesser of 2 evils…the pizza here and anywhere else sucks compared to Jersey pizza

chinese food is the best. it seems to taste even better as a left over.

mmm so good

it just got here

that’s making me hungry again…i might heat up the chinese that i have in the fridge.

go for it

better yet send tim out to get some from china town and when he asks why say because I’m prego you insesitive prick now get me some food hahaha…j/k

haha chinatown? wtf. that’s sissy shit. I’m sending his ass to china.

hahaha nice