You know everyone is so upset about what is going on about the help over the hurricane I dont understand…wtf did they not say manditory evacuation. wtf does the mean. Im No rocket scientist but dont that mean leave. You know you think those people would have learned last year but I guess 5 hurricanes just wasnt a good enough lesson, huh. Not getting the hell out cost even more money to tax payers and causes companies loads of money. Yes I know shit happens but damn. I help out on every hurricane, carring over supplies everyday by the truck load and trying to bring other life support and so far the same this year,I just come back from mississippi yesterday and I know what those people have been through. but shit happen. I dont know why people or so mad at pres. Bush wtf I guess he should have told the hurricane to turn the other way. Our country and government can only do some much during times like this with asshole shooting at people and people stealing things… yes i can understand stealing blankets and food and water but TVs thats uncalled for. I have been there and I understand whats going on and I know I will be back,my company has lost two locations and we have patients to service over there.Last year alone I worked about 80-90 hours and week for the hurricane so really I do know, maybe next time when they say MANDITORY EVACUATION they will leave


I agree that the people should have left when they were told to. They were stupid not to. Not all of them could though. Most of them could leave the city, but some couldn’t. Some of those that couldn’t, or didn’t want to, went to the Superdome. Then the remainder of the were just idiots thinking they could stay at their houses and be fine. if everyone would have just listened, many more would be alive right now.


i know what you mean brian. People should of got the f out. I just found out that our SWAT team has to go over there and help those people get new orleans back in order. There was 12 rapes that one night at the superdome!!! 12!!! I cant believe how bad it has gotten out of control.


that the thing everyone could get out they had buses to assist the people with no cars


:agree its kinda fucked up… but then if our government was more pushing (enforcing the mandatory evacuation), many more of the stupid people would be alive, but then again, maybe they are not alive for a reason: they are stupid…

and to the ones not able to leave: busses, like someone said, could have helped tremendously. also, the hospitals could have asked the police force for a dedicated side of the highway for ambulances to run patients from the endangered hospitals, to other, safer hospitals. others could have been air lifted if not able to get onto the ambulances.

but there is one problem: it costs money, and the government does not want to spend it where it does not think it needs to be… although this time, they were late, and all this bad rap is hitting them… so it is only a matter of time, before our current government is replaced.


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:o Why would someone be taking the time out of trying to get the heck out of dodge to stop and rape somebody? Thats just messed up! I dont understand.
















i feel horrible for those people who are not criminally minded, but our government should have stepped up to the plate, and swung… apparently, the game was canceled :tard


the reason there not able to leave now is the government doesnt want any kind of diseases to spread and viruses to get out of that area, come on im in the health industry there is a reason lets use our head


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forgot about that… :owned