Kids are Sick

I ended up taking Jacob to the hospital this morning. He has been throwing up all morning and the diarreah is CRAZY! Anyways, Just wanted to share.

Hope everything turns out ok with the kids. I hope the trip to the hospitol helped.

So sorry to here, hope it’s nothing too bad.:frowning: Hope they get well soon!:slight_smile:

thastd delecious news:) no sorry to hear that actually, i have the same…called in sick tonight

its just a virus

hugs V sick kids are the worst

I can actually type now… Before I had to be brief because I was busy…

Anyways… Jacob has already thrown up in my car twice- and I had to pull over on the way back home to let him puke- (he ended up pooping his pants while he was throwing up). The worse part is that I cant wash the stuff because my dryer is broken. :frowning: LOL

Poor Babies, There is nothing for hard then When Kids are sick… Hope they feel better soon V.


I just got off the phone with my mom. She is gonna come over and let me run to the store to get pedialite.

Hope he gets better soon. I feel sorry for the poor little guy. :frowning:

that stinks V. Having a little kid get sick is the worse…it’s just as bad when we’re sick, but we know how to handle it better. I hope he gets better fast. Could it be one of those 24 hour virus’s?

ugghhhh sorry to hear he’s sick

get better soon jacob!

Dang V… hope little man gets better…

Poor little guy. I hate it when the kids get sick. I feel so bad for them.

Cameron had diarrhea so bad a couple weeks ago that his poor little butt was so raw, it was pitiful :frowning:

Aww… how is he today? I hope hes feeling better.

he ended up in my bed all night- But he seems to be alittle better. I havent given him food yet though… kindof scared of that. But the diarreah has stopped

well at least he slept good. hope they are having a better day

That sucks, hope he gets better. Better hope you don’t get sick too.