Kidz Bop

Would this equal today’s youth generation’s Kids Inc.? Or is it just a cheap way to cash in on someone elses hits? I mean kid and parents can buy edited content at your local Walmart, if they want to hear the songs. I get why parents would buy this for children, I really do. With so much sexual innuendo in song lyrics, it seems the safer bet for children. But Kidz Bop is on what their 15th issue or something? I guess I’d hafta have kids but to me these many cds and the way their just cycling out these cds seems like they’re cheapening the original.

I didnt think they actually even sold much. Now that I think about it they must if the commercials have been running for so long.

the sad thing is that the record companies have to be selling these rights to Kidz Bop in the first place.

The sad thing it’s almost all crap music on the CDs to begin with. How about you buy the kid something worth listening to so they don’t grow up to be an Abercrombie wearing, Starbucks drinking, big sunglasses wearing douche bag.

Who doesn’t want to be Britney, Bass_man?


That picture couldn’t work better for my argument! Thanks. Now if only she was holding a Mac with and Obama sticker on it.

There seems to be something missing from that photo…hmmm

Oh!! Thats right!! Her kids

She left them in the carseats on top of the car before she left. There somewhere on I-55.


we can’t all go against the grain…

Dana, did someone in this thread just shit on your Brittany Spears CD collection? :slight_smile:

It’s not a matter of going against the grain. It’s a matter of not spending $30.00 on a cheaply made t-shirt.